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Default SP-1218 Shrovetide (Maslennica)

SP-1218 Shrovetide (Maslennica)
(DVD Resol.)
SP-1218 Масленница

Filename: SP-1218 Maslennica.mkv

Total run time: 2h 25

Resolution: 688x576 (751x576 on Display)

One of the curiosities in this movie is the presence of Любовь Тихомирова or Ljubov' Tihomirova today a mainstream TV and theater actress.

Here you have beautiful Любовь Тихомирова in several phases of her career.

In the 1999 softcore movies Peculiarities of the Russian Bath 1 she is the big titted brunette at the left. Then in Peculiarities of the Russian Bath 2 in a white wig.

In a 2001 nude shot for magazine Cats, then around 2004 performing on stage in a Moscow strip club, finally in 2007 a nude shot for Hustler.

Around 2004 in the movie Maslennica the subject of this post under the name of Люба or Luba.

She is in the 6-some sauna scene. Любовь Тихомирова shows up at 1:55:28.

Since 1995 that Любовь Тихомирова performs in mainstream theater and later on TV. However her mainstream career only took off after she starred in a few soap operas around 2004-2005.

Here you have her in a few recent photos always easy to recognize with her great rack.

Let us wish Любовь Тихомирова all the best for her marriage announced for June 2013.

Good for her. She fought all the way for her career. I like fighters and Любовь Тихомирова or Ljubov' Tihomirova is definitely a fighter.

The movie. The name of this movie is the second curiosity. To me at least.

It still is a puzzle to me why it was sold outside Russia under the name of Shrovetide, a name that is synonymous with the religious penitence and repentance that starts Lent. See western DVD cover above.

Whatever the neme SPb used, Let us enjoy this SPb version of the Russian festival Maslenitsa the equivalent to the Western modern Carnival possibly inspired by the old Roman Saturnalia festivals.

Carnival is a party so let's party.


1.98 Gb / 02:25:17 / 688x576 (751x576 on Display) / MKV / AVC H.264 / AC3 (DVD Original soundtrack)

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