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Default The gold and brown Megathread

Mostly brown...
If you have problems with the download links, send
me a P.M. or post here in this thread.

British Bizarre #1

Hightide proudly presents the screen debut of a genuine couple who gladly
share their filthy habits with the world: pee, enemas, vomit, food and scat play with a bdsm twist.
It's bizarre, it's British... enjoy British Bizarre!

More screenshots and trailer can be fund here:

British Bizarre 2 _-_ The Wedding

Models: Jennifer & Master

After the shooting of British Bizarre our kinky
couple from Britain actually got married!
We gladly agreed to their wish to document
the alternative ceremony.
This is their movie, their wedding, their life - watch in excitement
how a caring master provides for his shit-hungry slave wife!

File size..: 622Mb
Resolution..: 640x480
Duration..: 00:56:43

Louise Hunter - Shit eater


Audio: 128 kbit/s, Lame MP3
Video: 1000 kbit/s, XVID, 25 fps
542 MB

Teenage Slut Training 3

This movie is a collection of scenes made by the teenage scat queen Louise Hunter.
See how it all started out as innocent experimentation that later went on to become an obsession.
Teeage Slut Training is a four part series following Louise on her journey to become a Professional scat eating model.

File Size= 938Mb
44Khz Stereo 224Kbps Layer 2

Chris & Skye BLu - "Treatment Bizarre"

Models: Chris-Extreme, Skye Blu, 1 Male

Sister Chris and perverted beauty Skye Blu take on a new patient.
His bad digestion causes him serious pain and the two bizarre nurses have just the right cure in mind.
Very extreme piss, scat and enema games with two extraordinary, beautiful and highly perverted women.


XMODELS - "September Scatlove" - Tima and goth girl

Codec : XVID
PlayTime : 00:52:04.992
Bit rate : 1572 Kbps
Resolution : 512x384
Aspect ratio : 4/3
Frame rate : 29.970 fps
Size : 684Mb

Portrait Extreme-15 - Isabelles Zwischenmahlzeiten

WARNING EXTREME SCAT, NOT for the Tenderhearted!

Filesize..: 698 MB (or 715,228 KB or 732,393,472 bytes)
Runtime..: 01:23:22
Video Codec..: DivX 5.0
Video Bitrate..: 962 kb/s
Audio Codec..: 0x0055(MP3) ID'd as MPEG-1 Layer 3
Audio Bitrate..: 91 kb/s (45/ch, stereo) VBR LAME3.97b
Frame Size..: 384x288 (1.33:1) [=4:3]
Language..: German

Louise And Friends - A Slave To Scat

Release Date..: 23/11/2008
VideoCodec..: XviD
Dimensions..: 640 x 480
Aspect Ratio..: 4/3
Bitrate..: 989 kb/s
AudioCodec..: MPEG-1 Layer 3
Bitrate..: 119 kb/s VBR
Running Time..: 01:33:14
Genre..: extreme, scat

Latest British exclusive scat movie featuring superstars Louise
Hunter along with her slave girlfriend Tiffany.
This DVD shows Tiffany in her first scenes EVER!!

Louise Hunter - "Advanced Slut Training"

Teen girl Louise Hunter takes her extreme shit training to the next level:
She eat a hot scat meal with enema drink, shit swallowing action and puke all the shit!

Starring : Teen girl Louise Hunter, and anonym man
Running Time : 74 min
Release Date : 24/01/2009
Format : XViD
Video Resolution : 640x480

Chris & Cathy - "Scat ShowGirl"

Models: Chris-Extreme, Cathy, 1 Male

Chris is granted a very special spectacle. Cathy, a submissive French girl,
is performing a unique scat show. She gleefully enjoys her piss and shit in
front of Chris' eyes and gets off on the male host's yellow and brown ingrediants
as he abuses the sweet girl much to my pleasure and joy. Then Chris am invited to
join the action and she offers Cathy her delicatesses straight from the source.
She moaned as she tasted the brown delights.
Chris' favourite bit is Cathy eating shit straight from a toilet brush with which
she rubs herself to a lovely climax.


Pretty Lisa - "ShitFuck me Mister"

Models: PrettyLisa, various males


Media length:00:59:50
Video Resolution: 397x428
Video Format: Quicktime Mov -- can be played with Media player classic

This is a video of a genuine perverted get-together between Lisa, her boyfriend and a swinging female
which they met chatting on the internet. Shit eating, piss drinking and lots of roleplay which Lisa loves
so much. Look at the pictures and you know, it cannot get much harder.
This is one of Lisa's prvately made amateur videos. Although shot with digital video equipment, please
note that this video is intentionally amateur style. We dedided to leave it as raw, unaltered and unedited
as possible to preserve the power and authenticity of the orignal material.If you like things sexy, glamorous
and stylish this is a no go. Prettylisa is rough, hard & perverted so be warned.

Inside Veronika Moser

Run Time 85 min
Size 865.01 MB (907,026,350 bytes)
Resolution 720x576

Veronika is back - stronger and more extreme than ever! She eats and drinks from three men and one woman (lovely Lisa Anderson) and still isn't satisfied. This is the real thing, we have seldom witnessed such genuine love for filth. After the shoot, Veronika allowed as a peek into her lovely dirty mind. We added the result to the movie - a 20 minute interview with the lady who invented scat porn in the 90's. Veronika talks openly about her past and present life, about why she does what she does and what it does for her, allowing her fans an amazing insight inside Veronika Moser!

NOTE - This is a Quicktime movie file, viewable with Apple Quicktime (free download) or with VLC media player (also free).
On viewing this video, it impresses me as one of the best Moser has done. Hot in a slow, smoldering way.
Her ability to ingest piss and scat, with delight, is still amazing and, for those of us so oriented, incredibly arousing.
Enjoy and spread the seed . . .

Kitkatclub Avantgarde Extreme 43 - "Anita, das WG-WC" Teil 2

VideoCodec..: Wmv9
VideoBitrate..: 1911 Kbps
VideoResolution..: 720x576 pixels
Aspect ratio..: 5/4
AudioCodec..: WMA2
AudioBit rate..: 96 Kbps
AudioSampling rate..: 44 KHz

XMODELS - "Perverted Sex #5"

VideoDuration..: 59mn 29s
VideoBitrate..: 1500 Kbps
VideoResolution..: 640x480 pixels
VideoFormat..: Mpg

PrettyLisa - "ToiLet Dreamers"

Models: Prettylisa, various males

Lisa is being filmed during one of her frequent encounters with a fellow
male scat swinger to engage in ultra-dirty scat and vomit games . Hungry
with brown desires, this video delivers the goods the way only Prettylisa
can. Ultra hard, ultra slutty and perverted to the max.
Be warned! Be amazed!
This is one of Lisa's privately made amateur videos. What you see is real and unique.
Although shot with digital video equipment, please note that this video is
amateur style and the light conditions in the bookstore not favourable.
We decided to leave it as raw, unaltered and unedited as possible to
preserve the power and authenticity of the original
material. If you like things sexy, glamorous and stylish this is a no go.
Prettylisa is rough, hard & perverted so be warned.


VideoResolution..: 640x480
VideoCodec..: Xvid
Duration..: 01:24:47
FileSize..: 699Mb

No Limit Amateurs #3 - Barbara & Max


PlayTime..: 1h 57s
Bitrate..: 1382 Kbps
Codec..: Xvid
Resolution..: 720x576 pixels

Codec..: Mp3
Bitrate..: 96 Kbps
Bit rate mode..: CBR
Channel(s)..: 2 channels
Sampling rate..: 44 KHz

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The gold and brown Megathread

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