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Default Gusar Bludni aka Russian Kozaks

Truly hard to find movie! some girls are really beatiful in movie.
I ripped this movie from a battered beta video casette .This movie is a russian made and I think it is end off 1990's.

The heroes of this film brave soldiers - Eldakov Colonel, Major Poebets, Poruchik Babsky, cornet Mudishkin, as well as some representatives of the female population of the small town of "N" with no less expressive names. What they are engaged throughout the story is not difficult to guess:

Gusar bludni.

Genre: Rus porno, Parodies
Director: Sergey Volk

Cast: Ekaterina Morozova, Pauline Polyanskaya, Kuvaldin Marina, Sasha, Leonid Gudkov, Natalya Vasilieva, Daria Drozheva Andrew BT & T
duration: 120 dk
Company : Sp Firma
Country: Rusia
Language: Russian

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Gusar Bludni aka Russian Kozaks

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