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Release Year: 2013
Cast: Veronica
Genres: Latex erotica, bdsm

Dressing in latex takes time. I wish sometimes I could hurry with it, for I love that feeling so much; it gives me a sexual rush unlike anything else. But it is better to let it build up, control myself, and fit each piece of clothing perfectly. After making sure my toe nails were polished, I started with the stockings; smooth and cut to my size, they slid in place. I had no problem with squeezing the air bubbles out; right away my legs tingled with new life so much so that I had to rest a while to absorb the “voice” of these stockings. When wearing a latex catsuit, it covers my legs just the same, but the garment covers me entirely too; it does not come à la carte. This time, the enjoyment came from my legs only, and I wanted to let them join the “singing”, its unique melody as it were, and enjoy that for itself. So I lay down on a lounge chair for a while and let my mind enter the dance. Then, with a big breath I took the thong and put some lubricant on the inside of it so that it would slide deep inside the crotch without pinching. I pulled it up my legs and… it did exactly what I was hoping, and even more. Moving around with this little latex garment produced an enormous amount of erotic excitement. I could imagine myself wearing it under normal clothes… a dream? May be not. My head was already spinning. That thong cupped my sex tightly and the back strap was massaging everything back of it with every move and step. Indescribable. A few minutes later that area swelled, became plump, and its unique secretions’ aroma was unmistakable. The heat increased too. “Some things” were on their way. Next I slipped my hands into the short gloves in natural latex. These I already had; I love the way they fit. They distance all tactile matters away, but when my fingers with these gloves touch on latex, the resulting feeling becomes even more exciting. I could not help but make sure that the front of the thong touched the most sensitive part of me. That alone sent shivers all through. After that came the transparent bathrobe, a beautifully made garment, luscious, sensual, provocative to the extreme, for my naked body is completely visible. As I was looking at it, I wondered what got into me to do this. Revealing so much may be less sexy than a translucent material that leaves room to the imagination. “Well,” I felt, “it is there, and the photo crew too; it is not the time to go back now”. I don’t know why I have these last second hesitations; it may be a defensive reflex of some kind. I love my body; I work hard to keep it that way. That’s when I realized the distance between what I do through the camera only and the women who show off nude publicly. I share a lot, but it remains a “look and no touch” approach at a distance. I also realized that it is up to me to decide about the limits. That light see-through garment over my shoulders, gently caressing my arms, back, breasts and belly with so much gentleness, brought about shudders of sensual pleasure all through. Latex often is a teaser. I had to learn to let it love and caress me, for when it is a tight fit garment, latex only hugs me. That’s a need of mine, but not the only one. Looking into the mirror, I was just overwhelmed with the way “we” looked one for the other. It was enough for that first photo session: no mask needed. My fans have to see my expression to enter into my joy. So, that session started. My CAM operator knows me well enough not to rush me because the (erotic) effects of latex on me improve the pictures: I sit and stand; I raise my legs; I stretch; I have to move every part of my body; progressively, latex masters me, subdues my resistance and will. My hands have to go all over, feel everything. The thong was doing its work on me; it was relentless. While the pictures were taken I still did not feel complete. There still was a part of me screaming for latex: my head. When my sex is covered by latex, there is a feeling in me that calls for my head to be covered too. Why? I cannot say. It is just there. It is not true all the time, but this time it was.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 15:03
Video: 1920x1080, Windows Media Video 9, 4932kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 557.5 MB

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