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Default Carli Banks - Shrine

About Me

Hey everyone! Iím 22 yrs old, Iím originally from Iowa but I moved to California a few yrs ago. Iím a pretty simple person and very easy to get along with. I love, girls, dancing, and the color pink. I love to wear flip flops and dress very casual. Iím really into paranormal stuff like aliens, ghost, the unknown, and I love Sci-fi movies. I like to workout (and check out the girls in the gym). I like to go to the beach, layout and have bomb fires, but I donít go into the water, Iíve seen to many JAWS movies to know better, LOL. I also like to masturbate, I do it at least once a day, it keeps me in ZEN! (GOT A PROBLEM? RUB ONE OUT)

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110 lbs
Birthday: November 16 1985
Eyes: Blue
Shoe size: 7
Place of Birth : Iowa City, IA
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Carli's Questionare
Ambitions: Fuck a sexy bitch in every major country!

Turn Ons: Well, my turn ons for girls areÖ I like all kinds of girls from cute to exotic, I love when girls have dark hair with light color eyes, that really gets me going, I also love girls with juicy lips, nice long legs, and a cute little bubble butt. Truly Iím an ass girl, love the ass! (Especially in doggy style). Now, for guys I love manly men, gotta have some hair on the stomach, hmmÖ I love tall, dark and handsome guys, but not pretty boys, I donít play that competing shit! I love nice smiles that is one major turn on for me!

Turn Offs: Bad breathe, especially in girls, címon what are you thinking! I hate god complex people, I hate flashy show offs, know it alls, and bad boob jobs!

Every girl needs: VIBRATORS!!!

Favorite Food: Onion rings, pizza rolls, corn, and star bucks YUMMY!!

Favorite Quote: I love having sex, but Iíd rather get some head!

Last book I read: Porn magazines, cant get enough of bitches!

Favorite Movies : Carli Banks DVDs, Isnít yours too!?!?

An actress I admire: I donít admire but I would like to tapÖ Jessica alba, Kera Knightly, Rachel McAdams, Jessica Beil!

Favorite TV Shows : I love Reality T.V shows!!

Type of Music : I Listen to rock, country, hip hop, techno, dance, pretty much good music and I also Love 80ís music!

3 must have items: Food, Water, and VIBRATOR!

Favorite sports: Baseball, because I love eating hot dogs and drinking beer at the game!!

Dream car: BMW 330, hint-hint, birthday gift!!!

Favorite color: Pussy Pink

Favorite position: Every position is a good position, I love sex.

Strangest sex place: Outside in the middle of the desert at night.

Dream Photo Shoot : A 10 girl booty line-up, while I fuck them with a strap-on, on top of a mountain above the clouds!

Sexual Preference: Gotta have a little bit of both

Carli's Awards
  • 2008 - Nominated for AVN Award: Best All-Girl Sex Scene - Video for Fem Staccato (Shared with: Andie Valentino)

Carli's References

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Carli Banks - Shrine

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