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Default Corbin Fisher: Philip's First Time (Aug 12)

CF wrote:

Philip might have been a late bloomer, but with a great teacher like Travis, he’s going to be a quick learner!

People react to the unfamiliar in different ways – and Philip couldn’t stop laughing and giggling at first. That made Travis start giggling, too. If they were in the classroom and not the bedroom, I’d have to separate them! I asked Philip why he was so giggly and he said, “Coping.” Even my basic questions were making him laugh nervously.

It’s understandable. As Philip told us during his solo, he only lost his virginity to a girl six months ago, before he turned 20. After that, he jumped dick-first into making up for lost time sexually. Lots of guys can be adventurous with sex as long as its within the mainstream. Stepping outside that comfort zone can be a daunting experience.

I reassured him we’re not here to change anyone (despite what those Prop 8 people think), just broaden their horizons. Keeping it lighter and funny helped make him more comfortable. Travis’ sense of humor helps, even though he keeps giggling as well. As we talk about his past sports experiences, Philip seems a little surprised that a lot of people consider wrestling homoerotic.

Which leads me to some conclusions. Philip started having sex later than many guys in our culture do. He was attracted on some level to a sport like wrestling. During his first guy-guy experience he was, as Travis commented, “a natural at this.”

I’ve been doing this a long time. Based on what I’ve seen to date with him, I suspect Philip is on a journey to explore his sexuality as fully as he can. That’s one of the things that makes providing a CF education so rewarding. Not only is it hot (and fun, of course – it’s hard to call this work!) I believe it’s genuinely helpful to people, whatever their sexuality, to see what’s possible in and out of the bedroom.

Travis is still giggling and can’t think of what to say to Philip, so I suggest he just kiss him. He does and Philip responds passionately. He gets Philip’s shirt off. It’s not long before the jeans are off as well and Travis is sucking Philip’s dick. I’m watching Philip closely and he’s definitely not nervous anymore. He’s rock hard. In fact, he asks, “Why am I the only one naked?”

Travis strips and asks if Philip has ever touched a cock before. “None other than my own,” he says, but grabs Travis’ big meat and jerks it. Travis asks if he’s ready to suck one, and Philip is willing to give it a try. The two guys end up 69ing each other. Travis tells Philip to sit on his face. It’s another day of firsts at CF – Philip’s first time with another guy also turns out to be Travis’ first time rimming someone! This gets both of them so hard they’re ready to fuck. Travis gets Philip’s condom and lube on and guides that cock into his ass, “nice and slow.” Travis says he can feel Philip’s dick getting even bigger as he fucks him. Phillip slips into a strong natural rhythm of fucking, that has Travis’ muscular body flexing and sweating. He groans with ecstasy.

But it’s when he gets on top of Philip and rides him, that it gets super intense. Philip lays down and Travis impales himself on that stiff cock. Philip power drills him and Travis shoots an explosive load that showers both guys with cum!

They kiss, Philip still inside of him. Philip laughs at how much Travis shot. Travis tells him he’s not done yet. Philip straddles him and shoots a thick, milky facial all over Travis’ mouth. Travis licks Philip’s still-sensitive cockhead dry.

The two guys go take a shower and I ask Philip what he felt about his first guy-guy experience. He had a great time, and told me we could definitely expect to see him in the future.

I think we’re all looking forward to seeing this stud’s education progress!

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Corbin Fisher: Philip's First Time (Aug 12)

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