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Default [RS] 2009 Bangbus

Gator Nation!!!
January 14, 2009

Hey guys what’s up! I am the biggest Gator fan on the planet, and since the national title game is in South Florida. We went out looking for some ladies. We snagged three fine girls. Only one of the three was down for some bang bus loving, but man it was worth it! This chick Allie sucks and fucks the shit out of Shaggy and then he blows a huge nut all over her face! All I have to say is Gainesville chicks are a lot of fun! Go Gators! –Preston

Emily Dick And Sin
January 21, 2009

What’s up people? It’s Preston Parker AKA P-Double coming at ya once again with another hot girl willing to get the cock for cash. But before we found her, we drove around and stopped at a local college and we spoke to this fine girl, but nothing happened. Later, we spoke to these two girls who looked like chongas; they were cool at first, but they didn’t want to get naked so they had to get the fuck out. Then we tried to get these other 3 girls in the bus; they were willing to take cash but they didn’t want to hop in the bus. So we kept on driving around until we stopped to watch a group of break-dancers. Yo! Shaggy started breaking dancing; Shagmeister has skills! Anyway, we found this girl Emily, and it didn’t take much to convince her to get in the bus to get her pussy drilled nasty style. After getting fucked, she took a huge load on her face. But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself. -Preston

Little Change Goes A Long Way!
January 28, 2009

What's up everybody! It seemed like we were cruising the beach, downtown, and side streets forever. You know the Bang Bus won't let you down. We got the cash, and they got the ass! Anyway, we picked up this hot ass broad named Emilia. She actually asked us for a ride so of course we had to be gentleman! And bet you have no clue what happened next! JK... We cracked little Emilia's ass open and it was fucking great watching her nice tits bounce as Dmitri pounded her little pussy out! All and all it was a pretty good day but the best was when we dumped her ass off at the Mall! LOL... That was Great! Check it out!

Happy Endings On the Bus!
February 4, 2009

Check this! This Bang Bus update is all about Hialeah. I did a little research and it seems that Hialeah's got kind of a bad rap. So Shaggy and I hit the streets to find out what people think. On our Journey we ran into quite a few people, like a group high school students, a hooker, and a hot little massage therapist. It was very interesting what people had to say especially the therapist. Her name was Kittie and we picked her up in Hialeah! She was cool and she loved massaging Ramon's giant cock! Even though she couldn't fit it in her mouth. It was definitely a good time watching her get fucked by it! I know Ramon had a good time! Kittie took it like a champ, and she was immediately returned to a parking lot in some random area! LOL Preston

Asian Delight
Akira Lei
February 11, 2009

This week we were driving around the grove for a change, and we met some cool people, and some not so cool people. There was this one guy who wouldn’t let us film the girls he was with because he knew who we were. That’s right, Bangbus. Anyway, we drove around town some more and we met these two hot Latin girls who didn’t do shit. Later, while I was trying to pick up this hot Japanese girl this fucking guy kept beeping at me, and I almost had to kick his ass, but luckily I met this girl Jasmine to make up for that. She seemed a little shy but she got the cock anyway. Check it out.

My Cousin The Virgin
February 18, 2009

What up, what up, what up, WHAT UP.. sup ladies and gents. This week we have an awesome update with Ramon, who decided to bring his cousin into the Bangbus to get him laid. It seems like his cousin has been on his case about coming on the Bangbus for sometime now. So we get him on board and go on the hunt. We come across this rude obnoxious but very stunningly beautiful chick we go back and forth but she gets on the bus. We talk the yip yap and convince her to do Ramon’s cousin as a one-time favor. The pussy was laid out on a silver platter. But the kid (35 year old) pussies out big time, but no fear, Ramon’s cock is always ready for any mission, and he goes to town on her. Ladies and gents, this weeks update is one for the ages. ENJOY!

Mama Loves You
Mackenzie Star
February 25, 2009

Here we go ladies and gents, with this week’s crazy and amazing update. The crew and me are on the hunt as usual, and everyone just keeps turning us down. Man what a bad week! But then we run into a couple and decided to try our luck, amazingly we get them on board, but guess what? The girl is totally knocked up; now were going to try to get them to do something on the bus since its never been done before (pregnant chick that is). So man we finally convince them by throwing some money there way, and they go for it, and I’ve never seen something so sexy like that before. Stay tuned this update will not disappoint

Kimora's day out
March 4, 2009

Hey guys, Preston here with another amazing update, this weeks update was really.. Me and the crew had an amazing time, We talk a couple into coming with us the guy seems a bit skeptical so he lets his big tittied girlfriend come with us lol, can u believe that? he let us borrow for his girl for some time.. But to no avail she really doesn't do much and got paid accordingly, so we drop her off and on to our next victim.. We come across this half Asian half black beauty by the name of Kimora and chitchat with the beautiful girl and convince to come with us.. On to the action we get her to give shaggy a blowjob.. And you guys where the actions headed after that.. Guys this will not disappoint. Stay Tuned...

Shaggy's Lucky Day
March 11, 2009

Hey guy's, Preston here with this weeks awesome Bang Bus update. This week the crew is back and were out to do what we do, till we come across some Latin beauty by the name of Ariel we spot her as soon as she comes out of her apartment and she seemed pretty nice and cooperative with us, so what the hell I ask to come eat with us so she comes and for some weird reason she seems to be very attracted to our Homie Shaggy, it wasn't to hard to get her to do things with him since she was Obviously attracted to him, so in she goes and does her thing, Shaggy fucks the shit out of her and cum's all over her face. The drop off MAN the drop off was insane. You guys will love it...I sure did, Stay Tuned!!

Ass For CA$HH!!!
Bailey Bonds
March 18, 2009

Hey guys Preston here bringing you guys this weeks Bang Bus episode, Me and the gang are back to doing what we do, But we have a little problem. The Bangbus is in the shop so we still do our thing with a car but its not quite the same luckily we get a phone call and were informed that the bus is done being fixed so we go down to the shop to pick it up and everyone seems cool, Then we run into two cuties that are getting there car fixed as well but here comes the interesting twist to the whole story, The one chick doesn't have the money to pay for her repair so me like the gentleman that I am decide o pay it for her, So you guys know what comes next and with Ramon, Guys this update is really good...Stay Tuned!

Slippery when wet!!
March 25, 2009

Hey Guys Preston here bringing you this week Bangbus update. The crew is back and were doing our usual, but man it seems pretty tough to do what we do now-a-days, that is until we come across the lovely Amy, man I was really trying to get her in the bus and when she did. She totally made my you know we get her on the bus and start talking and she seems like she hasn’t had dick in some time. so the always shaggy goes in for the kill and does his this. Guys this shoot is quite Entertaining. Guys enjoy and stay tuned!!!!

Spring Break '09
Sierra Sanchez
April 1, 2009

Hey guys Preston here bringing you guys another amazing Bangbus update. This week it’s quite special due to the fact that is SPRING BREAK!!!! horny girls walking around galore! any who me and the crew our out doing our thing and we come across a lot of lovely ladies that are more than willing to come hang out with us on the bus, but when things get deep they all back out except for 2 lovely ladies that were troopers, well one more than the other but u guys get the point, guys Stay tuned!! this update will not disappoint!

Laws Of Average
April 8, 2009

Hey guys, Preston here bringing you this weeks Bangbus update, Man we had no luck today everyone was straight dissin us today cursing us out flipping off the birds to us threatening us, you name it, man what an awful day for the crew but we kept at it I tried different approaches, Nice guy approach=no avail, Asshole approach same deal so we just did what we do best and that is just straight up making some ones unfortunate situation work in our favor, so we catch a couple in a car dealership that needed some help and I throw them some "help" lol, Guys I loved this update it was a lot of work but it was sure worth it, Stay tuned!!

Fun in Spring Break
April 15, 2009

So here we are guys continuing the same flow we had a shoot ago with the spring break action. Man so many beautiful women out there I was going nuts. A lot of them took our money but just did nothing and kept it so I kept my cool and continued to be persistent with the women till we came across a group of lovely ladies and they seem to want to have a good time and then some dude just straight disses his girl in the middle of the whole ordeal and gets in the bus with us. Guys a lot of fun so check it out...Stay tuned!

Shaggy the virgin?!?!?!
Julie Stylez
April 22, 2009

Hey guys Preston here bringing you this weeks Bang Bus update and man were we lucky this week all it took was some good scouting from the homie shaggy and they were in our grasp, Although like everyone that we approach at first they were very timid and said no a lot but once I showed them the cash they were all willing to comply, So we get on the bus and two of the girls were kind of giving me a hard time so I had to dispose of them and engage with the ones that were more willing, Guys this is one funny update don't miss it...STAY TUNED!

One Crazy day in the Grove!
Kinzie Parker
April 29, 2009

Hey guys Preston here bringing you this weeks Bangbus update, And we ran into a lot of good looking women here in the grove and they were some what nice and real fucking bitchy but there's always that pair that are willing to just have a good time and come with us of course under the influence of some cash who wouldn't? any who we get these two lovely ladies and convince them to come with us and we kick the chit chat and everything seems to be going very well until they spot shaggy doing his thing in the back, then its pandemonium from then on, guys this a fun update I loved it, and you guys will too, Stay Tuned!!

Destruction Derby Bangbus Style
May 6, 2009

Hey guys Preston here bringing you this weeks Bangbus update, this week I have a lot for you guys to enjoy ,like my story about how I wrecked the bus. man what bad times. but I’m okay thanks for asking lol. Any who on to what we do and we go around and run into a very energetic but cute chick. we yapp and she seems to be very comfortable with us and the camera on her face so what the hell I ask to come eat with us and guess what. she asks her mommy for permission lol only if she knew what she gave her daughter permission to do lol.....she comes with us and the rest is history....funny update guys. Stay Tuned!!!

Shaggy and the hialeah CHONGAS!!!
Sahara Gold
Taylor Ray
May 13, 2009

so this week were in hialeah checking out the scenery and there is a lot of people there I would of never guessed but to each its own lol, any who we come across a lot of people in the malls and shopping centers, but they seem to be pretty skeptical until of course I pull out the cash then they all seem so intrigued and helpful so what the hell I throw the bait and I do catch these 2 cuties (chonga's) and in they come with us and they seem to be down for anything at least one of them does, so I cant help myself and I just ask them to just have fun with us and boy do they, guy's don't miss this update it was great!!! STAY TUNED!!!!!

Bangbus EXXXOTICA Tour 2009
Jayden Jaymes
Sienna West
Rachel Roxxx
May 20, 2009

So guys what a weekend The Exxxotica was amazing the girls looked great as usual, so I asked the beautiful ladies(Jayden James, Rachel Roxxx and sienna west) if they wanted to take a break from signing and come with me on the bus and they were more than glad to take off with me, so we head out and decide to pick up some guys from the streets that happen to be in the convention so they were star struck and obviously more than willing to come with us and get it on, guys this one fun shoot. Enjoy ..I sure did, Stay Tuned!!

The Educated Stripper.
May 27, 2009

So here we go again ladies and gentlemen with another awesome update, this week were just strolling down the mean streets of Miami and we come across this natural cutie by the name of Nina and man is she paranoid lol I guess the big white van will make anyone skeptical, any who we just talk and she starts getting friendlier and then I just give her some money and she gets even friendlier with us, till I say fuck it and ask her to come with us for our "documentary", guys stay tuned this was an awesome update...Peace

Preston's # 1 FAN!!
Candy Valentine
June 3, 2009

.Hey guys Preston here bringing you this weeks Bangbus update, so this week we decide to give back to our loyal fans that have been with us from our starting point so what the hell we pretty much decide to bring him along thinking that he is going to make it easy on us and bring some girls along with him, lol didn't turn out that way and we had to do what we do best and that's go hunting out there in the mean streets of Miami, so we come across this Jewish beauty and we get to chitchat and she seems to be into it. guys stay tuned for what happens next lol, you guys will love this update!

Shaggy Meets His Match
Sammy Grand
June 10, 2009

hey what's up beautiful people all over the world Preston here bringing you this weeks Bangbus update and let me tell you that its a really good one, we start off by just doing what we do, and that is to go out and there and hunt on the lovely ladies of SFLA and luckily enough for us we run into a beautiful girl by the name of Sammy and she's just doing her thing walking enjoying her music so she looks like a perfect candidate for our update, so we get the chit chatting and she seems pretty nice a little naive but hell for all we know she is just playing us... so what hell I just go for it and ask her to take a ride with us and she does.....this is a really fun update for us at bangbros... ENJOY!!

Adrianna Takes Over The GROVE!
Adrianna Nicole
June 17, 2009
Hey there guys Preston here bringing you this weeks Bangbus update, this week we are doing the whole reversal deal with the lovely Adrianna Nicole and man this girl is game and a freak. ask Ruben about it lol. Any who she wants some cock so we go out there and find her what she wants, and we run into these 2 college students that seem to be a little wet behind the ears but what the hell why not? so she convinces them to come with us and they do, Guys what goes on this update you cannot miss lol...Preston P signing out

The Peruvian Bombshell!
June 24, 2009

What's up ladies and gents, Preston here bringing you this weeks Bangbus update and we kind of switched it up a bit. This week I'm bringing one of my boys who happens to work at a strip club and knows all these fly honeys but he has one in mind and we go get her, this girl is a true beauty but not the sharpest if you know what I mean lol, I mean he's got her well trained man she does anything and everything that he tells her to do lol its quite an experience. I hope you guys enjoy this update. Preston P, Signing out!!

where 8th grade education gets you
Ripley Scott
July 1, 2009

Hey ladies and gents Preston here, in this weeks bangbus update we are doing what we usually do and that’s just talk crap about random things like we always do, until we come across this weird looking chick but she looks pretty cute so what the hell. I start throwing some questions at her and I find out that she hasn't even graduated high school yet lol or is it middle school? lol any who we convince her to come take a ride with us and the rest as you guys may history...STAY TUNED!!!!!

4th of July Stuffing
Delila Darling
July 8, 2009

Hey Ladies and gents Preston, here bringing you the most outrageous bangbus update I have been involved with lol man those words are short to describe the madness that goes on this update. We take the approach a little different today and I decide to have the guys go scoop me and cousin up in Dania Beach so they come through with pranks and the bus tricked out in the styles of our beautiful American flag and man what a great job SHAGGY did as if he didn't give himself enough credit throughout the shoot, So we get to what we do best and scoop up a honey that's doing the same thing I'm doing lol you guys cannot miss this update it truly is one for the Ages. Preston here signing out ya'll, Peace.

The belly-dancing queen!
Bianca Jacobs
July 15, 2009

What's up Ladies and gents, Preston here bringing you this weeks amazing bangbus update and man was it a funny one, so me and Shaggy minus Ruben are out doing what we do on the usual and we come across this beauty by the name of Bianca and she is quite a looker, but she was pretty tough to convince to get on the bus but of course once you throw Money at anyone they usually do what they are told lol, ladies and gents this has one the funniest drop offs that we've had in quite sometime, Stay tuned. Preston signing out. Peace!!!!

Trip Out to Daytona!!
July 22, 2009

Hey what's up ladies and gentlemen, Preston here bringing you this weeks bangbus update and what an update you guys will be getting this week, So me and the crew decide to do something out of the blue something in the now if you may, So shaggy tells me "yo lets bounce somewhere" and I’m quite open to the idea so what the hell we go for it and that we did, we drove all the way up to Daytona then even further up 0to St. Augustine and we actually find a walking living chick in that town, so you guys know what comes next. Stay Tuned!

Bangbus: First Marriage proposal
Madison Foxx
July 29, 2009

What's up people from all over the world, yes you read correct we have a couple that comes with us on this update and we actually make the guy propose right then and there to his girl LOL for all of you to view, the guy doesn't want anything to do with what's going on but he is game and what the hell and he is getting some cash for doing it, so what the hell I ante up the stakes and ask her to get a little bit more intimate with the guy I mean what the hell we are talking about her future husband lo, Guys I enjoyed shooting this and can guarantee that you guys will enjoy it just as much viewing it. Stay tuned, peace.

The only Ten-I-See
Cherry Ferretti
August 5, 2009

Hey what's up fellas this weeks update was quite unique, I actually tried to pick up a chick with the lines that I used back in the day in Iowa but man rude awakening those days are long gone lol this girl just straight laughed at me lol but as usual we did find some common ground in video games and man who would think that a girl this hot would be such a nerd lol she was more of a nerd than me lol, so yea I convince her to hop in with us by pretty much telling her that I would buy her some game she wanted, so it came cheap one game versus the slew of cash that I usually throw at these women just to come with us, so you do the math, Anyway its a really good shoot. Enjoy, Stay tuned!!

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[RS] 2009 Bangbus

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