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Pururun Jugyou Disk_01

Ero milk collaboration of Mr. "Cohac that has it" and "Toravurans".
Appearance of "Class that is not" in which Toravurans concentrated all one's energy on milk.
Childish face, and appearance character is mathematics teacher "Tooco Fukasawa" of teacher of charge of ancient writing of fore buttocks "Rie Machiya" and intellectual fore buttocks that sported a pair of glasses, and Titi sister "Yamashitabi night" of virgin to eat and to give hero character by fore buttocks health medicine "Splinter Senashihana" with alias and god's reporting. Both of all the characters are busts 100 exaggerated. Obscene Dai person's women lewdly urge an extreme lesson on the player.
- The original picture charge is Mr. "Cohac that has it".
The work now takes charge of an adult woman and acknowledged Mr. "Cohac that has it" to draw obscene and good quality fore buttocks boobs takes charge of the original picture. The Ero milk collaboration with Toravurans of lewd is achieved.

Pururun Jugyou Disk_02

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