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Mashina No Teru Ishi Disk_01

Pressure to church by land shark ・・・・.
Three people including the hero were to have started the production of 'Obscene tool' for the funding.

The hero is young person Fil of an able steam mechanist who lives in town Grinocc of steam.
He is told that the church that had lived such a day at the time of which being at the time of lived with Iris of the autonomous movement doll that came to spend it from certain details together before is encountering the ground raising from childhood friend's sister and Yunia. The land shark urges the landing patent that seems to be the counterfeit in running Fil and the selection whether to clear out here or to buy rights by the dazzling sum is urged on the escutcheon.
Of course, Fil like such money etc. should be able not to be prepared, and the church doesn't have the room of such money either. The way things are going, it cannot be indefinitely though it managed to send away the land shark who on power and urges clearout by the physical strength of Iris. Anyhow, the way is not found though it is necessary to raise the capital by some means. When the myriad plan and it seems that it was exhausted, a line light inserts it. If the content written in the book on the ancient obscene tool that hero J = friend and John = McCoy brought in was deciphered, and an obscene tool was developed, a large sum of reward corresponding to the demand was promised.

Iris deciphers the book, Fil develops an obscene tool, and Yunia experiments on an obscene tool. If three people come near, what. Besides, Fil who doesn't have the way entrust it all hope. Now, and the Eroero life is saved with a cancer cancer obscene tool and skilled also saves the question church.
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