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Talking Needy Wives - Claire **06/04/09**

Needy Wives - Claire **06/04/09**

Needy Wives - Claire
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Yo wussup fellas! I'm about to try and do the handyman scam! Damm I've never did it before so heck why not? So we went ahead and knock on this hot lady's house asking for stuff to fix inside and explained away the camera... Her name was Claire, and although she was skeptical at first but she eventually let us in and made us fix the dishwasher and sink...then we sat down on the couch and she wanted to know if we go the extra mile and fix her special need in between her legs where her busy husband hasn't service for a while! Oh my gosh...this was my lucky break and boy did the handiman scam worked so well!

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Needy Wives - Claire **06/04/09**

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