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Sexual Fantasy Kingdom Vol 1


- A peasant girl has a secret affair with a forest giant.
- A magic shop witch gets her catgirl servant to drink a potion that turns her into a futanari (dickgirl).
- An adventuress is captured by four horny orcs.
- A sorceress seeks to awaken a stone golem using
sexual energy.
- A tomb-robbing thief is attacked by a horny ghoul.
- A demonologist needs the sperm of an angel (a futanari), to complete an evil spell.

6 animated scenes, and 20+ CGs, featuring breast sex, futanari, internal cumshot, bukkake, and more!

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom Vol 2


-A half-elf adventuress is curious about her elven companion
-A virile dark elf spy is sent to impregnate the princess.
-A tavern serves 'elf-milk'.
-A peasant girl has a secret affair with a forest elf.
-A holy knight asks an elven priestess for help removing her armor.
-An elf suspected of being a dark elf spy is punished by the magistrate.
-Three elves bathe in a magical spring.

7 animated scenes with multiple camera angles, and over 70 CG images, featuring breast sex, double-penetration, internal cumshot, footjob, frottage(cock-rubbing), 69, and more! 25 animated sexual positions!
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Hentai games (daily update)

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