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Default Re: [RS][NL] 2006 Bangbus Episodes

April 5, 2006

J-Mac's always telling me about how "hood" Hialeah is... you know... how they're quick to punch a dude in the face for living type.... yeah.. well.. check this one out... Gonz made a special appearance and sat in at the helm of the Bang Biddus... taking the reins for the time being... I really wanted to test our shit and went to Downtown Miami... land of the roaming vagabonds... bums... ok... fucking bums... so yeah... it was fucking Spring Break DownTown '06!!! hahaha... they were all out catching some sun rays... Driving down Skid Row.. I spotted Ann... a really cute white girl in the midst of all this... fucking chick had dread locks.... a WHITE girl with dreads... I knew this one was in the bag... So yeah.. we offered her some scrilla for some questions when a fucking bum fight breaks out and the loser tries to get at me for a ringside interview! As if the cash wasn't enough.. now the bum scare too! Shit.. no wonder Ann came along... the best part of that whole thing was that J-Mac.. you know.. Mr. Hialeah... didn't DO SHIT! All that shit talking...for what? The Dirty One was in peril!!!! Anyways... fuck him... Didn't take much to get Ann to flash us her natural perky tits... dreads on a white chick = hippie tendencies... free love.. free anal... the whole shebang! Plus more money in the face doesn't hurt either! For a homeless chick.. she had a nice juicy round ass.... plus you KNOW her dick sucking skills were up to par! The whole hitchiker steez.... that's right.. Sanchez is down with the hip terminology! J-Mac does a grand job of fucking Ann's brains out... straight bum sex in full effect! You know the ending...if not...peep the trailer... again if you have to...All in all.. it was a triumphant day... Enjoy this one fuckers... The Dirty One...


Aimee Desade
April 12, 2006

So I have yet another driver. This time it's Jordan. He's a cool guy but he looks like he's gonna go postal any day now. I was a bit hesitant to let him drive. Whatever, I'm sure we'll be O.K.! Famous last words! Anyway, I have a special guest on the bus today. You might know him as the bareback champion of the world, you might have cried for him in Anal Virgins 5, who else could it be but the O.P.P!!! In the house! So you guy's know, given me and P.P.'s long history, that this shoot is gonna get a bit wild. I immediately played a trick on him and he was immediately pist at me in his true little diva fashion. I gave him shaving cream and told him it was mousse. I ruined his hair and his bitch ass looked like he was gonna cry! He got me back pretty good when he stole the can of shaving cream. The Sanchez is slippin if P.P. can get one over on him. In the middle of all the chaos I noticed some girl crossing a bridge and asked her for directions. Turns out she was a spring breaker in need of some directions herself. I directed her into my van for some questioning with the premise of giving her some spring break party money. Here comes another one! P.P. was impressed with her bod. Her tits were nice and perky and her ass was big n' round! I told her we would give her extra money if she would give P.P. a spring break blowjob. She was into Little Diva from the start so she didn't hesitate to slob all over him. Meanwhile Jordan's driving had gone from bad to worse and P.P. is trying to fuck this girls tight pussy while I'm shooting shaving cream at him and Jordan's going down one way streets and taking pot holes. This girl was actual pretty smart and demanded the money up front before any nudity. I gave it to her but P.P. pulled the old switch o' roo on her as I distracted her with my questioning. She realized she had been duped after she had been shuffled out of the van and proceeded to ask us about her money. She hadn't even finished her first sentence and she was already eating our dust. Anyway, another job well done! –DIRT


Tiffany Thomas
April 19, 2006

Well my devoted minions... I've got something for you this week! J-Mac, our resident Hialeah chico, brought along his cock... I think.. who knows... he really doesn't matter... lalala.. so yeah.. We were just riding around town.. you know... the usual search and destroy shit.. I spot Tiffany sitting at a bus stop.. only this was a Sunday... so only a tourist would even think to do that... I knew it was on lock... so yeah... I tell her that we're casting for some indie flick that's gonna start shooting down here on South Beach... fresh faces type deal.. you know... and she starts smiling ear to ear! Barely legal broads on vacation.... gotta love 'em... Plus she needed a ride to some bar her "friends" were at... sure... and I really give a fuck about these chicks... In the Cauldron of Debauchery.. we proceed to tell this perky tittied chick the deal when it comes to being in movies... you know.. the whole casting couch deal... of course there were some hints of pride being shown... her trying to prove she had self-respect... when will these chicks learn that NO ONE CAN DENY ME! lalalala.... I continue to tell her about all of my L.A. connects... that this is at the forefront of movie making... reality casting..on the spot... blah blah blah... I talked so much shit that this dizzy broad was wiping the drool from her mouth after seeeing J-Mac's cock... Then the deed needed to get done! First off.. her natural round boobs were great! Not to mention the juicy round bubble butt ass on this one... sheesh... I LOVE SPRING BREAKERS! Gave her an oral exam... she passed with flying colors... then the sex was just great! Tiffany's pussy got pounded like never before! Good shit bro... as always... the chick really needed to get out of my life.... so yeah... wanna see the deal.. log in cluckers... The Dirty One...

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[RS][NL] 2006 Bangbus Episodes

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