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Chikan Ou - Inyoku no Kaihousha 2015

Release Year: 2015

Kitamashi Yamabico collects data around the pervert is a pervert you are active in the secret organization � JPA making the gambling on the basis of the outcome.
The Kitamashi house and skill "shadow Kagura" to manipulate a special voice has been passed from generation to generation.
Free to change the tone of voice, the sound is cut off from leaking to the outside, and to estrus the partner heard a voice ......
It's ability enough to be moved the world by how to use.
The echo, and a sense of mission that must be harnessed born f. to have for the world,
Man and women's figure of ideal to each other given the best of pleasure, there was a belief that.
But unfortunately, it is not equipped with the only regime accept it in modern times.
Therefore, means chose the echo is a pervert.
First, become a of top rank in this JPA, get the power of only able to educate a lot of people.
Here of Yamabiko, road to pervert King opened the curtain.
Genre: Chikan, Nuns, Office Lady, Big tits, Anal, Blowjob, Titsjob, Group sex, Harem
Censorship: Is present
Developer/publisher: Liquid
Platform: PC/Windows
Edition type: Original (license)
Tablet: It isn't required

File size: 718.0 MB
Download Chikan Ou - Inyoku no Kaihousha 2015
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