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The Party Senseless SensationSissy Slut

The Enforcer isn't letting her newly acquired sissy slut off the hook just yet. He's dragged into yet another room on the mysterious floor of the event space, with the party still raging nearby. Here he is encased in black cellophane, hooded in latex, gagged with a cock funnel, forced to consume a red elixir and overwhelmed by nipple straining ( NT ), cock and ball straining ( CBT ) and is about to get whipped straight out of his plastic cocoon of sensory deprivation.

Kinks: cock and ball torture, discipline, sadism, domination / submission, nipple torture, sensory deprivation, bondage, chastity, breath play, forced feminization

Formats : flv
Run Time : 19.43 Mins
Total HD Size : 159mb

Hopeless Harley ball busting nipple torture

Comic book character, Bruce Wayne, is delusional; he combs the street corners for solice, agonized by withdrawals from Catwoman's intermittent neglect. He picks up a hooker who turns out to be the latex clad assistant to his nemisis The Joker, Harley Quinn. Harley is seemingly out of her mind with grief from Joker's rejection; but regains her sanity after she clamps down hard on Bruce's nipples, she thinks of a sadistic plan for the discovered Batman, and drags him into her dungeon where she can bust his cock and balls, brush up on her rope bondage and make him crack a smile.

Formats : flv
Run Time : 14.21 Mins
Total HD Size : 115mb
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Male Femdom Movies.BDSM Guys Fucked by Gils.

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