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Default Re: [RS][NL] 2006 Bangbus Episodes

May 24, 2006

So my not so straight driver is all pist at me cause he says I'm always making him look gay in front of the whole world. So this one's for you man! For the record this guy is almost a heterosexual. Just not a very good one. At least, I think he's straight.... Anyway, this weeks update is of the heazie. Ramon graced us with his sleepy, tired, presence and was unconscious half of the shoot. Then we went to the bank and Ramon spotted a hot peace of Milf ass. We stopped her for a nice chat and found out that she was in the middle of a nasty divorce and needed some cash. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time cause you know she ain't gonna get a penny from me. I promised her the world and she was so excited I almost felt bad for her. Almost.... Ramon awoke when he realized he was gonna get to hit this hot broad and fucked the hell out of her with his monster meat stick. This lady had never been pounded like that. I guarantee it! She was really into it. You know how freaky this older women get! She probably hadn't had sex in years. Anyway, check out the trailer for visual confirmation. By the way, she had a great set of tits. She had really big fun bags and we had lot of fun with them. We then proceeded to ditch her in the middle of no where. We all had a great time. It seemed like she had a great time too except for the end of course. Another job well done! –Sanchez


May 31, 2006

Did I ever tell you my poorly named driver lived in New York? Well it's true. He's had an interesting life this kid.... Who am I kidding? He never lived in New York and his life is not that interesting. This week on an all new episode of Bang bus we have this couple from New York. There's is a unique situation. She's a back stabbing waitress who fucks her boyfriends best friends for kicks. He's a dim witted used car salesmen who wants to get back at her for her infidelity. He came to my gay-ass driver and I for help. We agreed as long as there's pussy pounding and blowjobs involved. There was of course. The sex was hot! Leroy (the boyfriend) fucked the shit out of her. He probably new he would never get to hit that again and made the best of it. This girl is pretty hot. She has a killer ass and nice tits. It's funny because she was all excited about the shoot. She probably thought that she would be a porn star overnight or something. To bad we ditched her in the middle of no where in a gator infested lake. Last I heard she made it back to New York eight day's later and attempted to contact Leroy. He never returned her calls. All's well that ends well. -The Sanchez


June 7, 2006

So it's Wednesday and time for another smutty tale of bang um and leave um! This week however there's a twist. I'll get back to that later! Anyway, I know this freaky girl named Cecily. She has glasses and cherry red hair. This girl is your avergage freaky girl next door type. Cecily has a cute face and big D tits. I played a prank on the driver guy and told him that I would let him fuck this chick. He's so fucking desperate that he was like, "That's cool nigga! Thanks bro!" I wish you guys would have seen the look on his face when I told him the chick wasn't into him. He came close to crying. Anyway, Cecily came to me and asked me if I would film her picking up a strange guy off the street and film the two of them fucking. I agreed to do it if she would pick the guy up in the bangbus. Sure enough she did and it was a good time. We picked up this skinny guy from God knows where. I think he said he was from the plains of Utah or something. He jumped at the chance to bang this broad and did a good job. He laid the pipe well! I suspect he was a virgin or something. He was fucking this chick like he had never been laid! She gave a great blowjob and was happy to do so after we made her wet dream come true. Geez this girl is slutty! I mean that with absolute respect. So in the end she was happy, I was happy, and the guy had the time of his life. How often does pussy fall from the sky? Ofcourse, we did leave him in a rough part of town and he was a skinny little white boy in the middle of the hood. I wonder what happened to him? That's why my parents always say:"Don't trust anyone!" It's great advise. Thanks MOM! Anywho, check it out and enjoy! DIRT


Veronica Lynn
June 14, 2006

Have I ever told you guy's I need a new driver? I'm excepting applications next month. J/K. I have been through some shit with the current guy. He's cool and shit but his driving is terrible. Take this chick Veronica. JT and I bagged this really cute, plump ass, beach chick. We gave her the old "We want to interview you" line. She was game. This girl was a bit loose if you no what I mean. The minute she hops on JT turns up the charm. He was holding her and making her comfortable and here comes the driver with his sudden braking and sudden turns and fucks it all up. God it just pisses me off! Sorry guys. I just need to vent! Anyway, this girl was a hottie. She had a nice set of tits. After some damage control JT and I had her eating out of our hands. She gave a great blowjob and fucked like an animal. Or should I say JT fucked her like an animal. He came all over her cute face. So after banging this chick, the driver took us to this field with horses. Girls are suckers for horse. Of course, the minute we get there she's like "AHH, look at the horsies!" "I wanna pet um!" We encouraged her to do so. And the rest is history. –DIRT

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[RS][NL] 2006 Bangbus Episodes

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