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Default Re: [RS][NL] 2006 Bangbus Episodes

July 26, 2006

We're back bitches!! Yeah it's been a while since our last shoot. We got a bit hungry for some fresh Miami meat. Me and Al-B picked up J-Mac at the beach. While we were driving and searching for potential victims, Al-Bion was showing us a new FAIRY unique technique of enticing girls on to the bus. In some countries it would probably work. Here in Miami money talks! So we see this hot model looking chick walking down the street and we pulled up to see what she was up to. It turned out she was looking for a job 'cause she had just moved here and she was a broke ass. $300 for just an interview sounded way too interesting to her. What an opportunity! Our friendly environment was making her feel confident and she agreed to answer some private questions as she stripped. Great perky natural tits bouncing up and down were great highlights... not to mention the ass shaking and pussy fucking that transpired next... you know things are going well when the chick OFFERS a blow job out of nowhere.. haha... I fucking love this shit... Great steamy sex footage took place. The drop off was a classic... Enjoy ... The Dirty One...


August 2, 2006

So, this girl Lisa. What can I say. She's a cum hungry Cuban. I love that in a girl! She was such a hot fuck. J mac doesn't shut the fuck up about her. "I wonder what happened to that Cuban girl after we ditched her in the middle of no where?" Hey asks. “Let's go by the art school to see if we can find her again?" He moans. I swear to Gotti! They say the driver guy is gay. J mac had been kicking it with that guy to much. Did I mention that the driver guy showed up dressed as some sort of 1970's Cuban. J mac and I have never laughed so hard at someone. O.K., there was that time we....." Never mind! Anyway, back to the Cuban girl. She's such a talented artist. Her sketches are childlike and basic yet you can tell there's so much more underneath the surface of that big titie, big booty, blond Cuban girl. She had hidden talents that we discovered on our brief yet memorable journey. She gave an amazing blowjob. What else! Oh ya, she can ride a dick like a pro, despite being an amateur. Let's see, I think that's it. Oh ya! J mac came all over her cute face. She seemed to really enjoy that part!The pleasant look of ecstasy on her face gave it away. Where or where has my blond, Cuban, pussy gone. I'll probably never see her again. Where ever you are Lisa, keep painting, I know one day you'll be a great artist. The Dirty One!!!


August 9, 2006

Kayla? Who the hell is that.... OH! the exotic dancer girl. Ya, she was hot. She had a blond California thing going. What an ass on this girl. I remember that Jordan (Squirrel Humper) was in love with her. He loved her wet pussy and big tits. He fucked that chick till kingdom cum. The cum went all over her cute face. We picked this crazy chick up at a sex shop in the middle of the hood. She was the only white girl around for miles. I new she was a freak of the bat 'cause she bought an enormous dildo. It was called dongzilla or some ridiculous shit like that. What's funny is before we booted her of the bus in the middle of a different hood than we picked her up in, Jordan wrestled her for the dongzilla and won. (unfortunately, this scene was not caught on tape) Anyway, where was I...OH YA! So he wrestled the chick for her sex toy's and her anal numbing lube and was victorious. So not only did she end up in an iffy part of town, she was left empty handed. Ha Ha Ha!!! Always do um DIRT!!!


Tailing the Nica Chica
August 23, 2006

We have taken it back, The BangBus that is , I shot this film The way we did back in the day. REAL AS FUCK .... I may or may not be getting in trouble for this one gonna have to wait and see .. So this is how it went down, AL-B picked up a friend of his Named "Nino" Which I think is french for "Butt Pirate" who had been a fan of mine or had a crush on me for years one of the two. Anyways we met up and headed out to prowl the Streets looking to TAIL cute TAIL if possible , when out of the corner of Al-B's eye he caught a glance of a super super CUTE LATINA sitting at a bus stop and looking really really hot and really unhappy from waiting in the super uncool hot Miami sun . I thought it to be a great opportunity to go stop by and talk to her , Try to find out why this really pretty girl would be sitting in the heat alone and without a ride to take her where ever she wanted to go .. So the van pulled up to the stop very slow inch by inch so as not to scare her off. But to my amazement she didn't even look in our direction , Paid no mind to us checking her out , right away I could tell she was a special kind of Latina a real "Rice and Beaner". Not born and raised here in miami which I absolutely prefer over an american latin chick . So as I started trying to ask her my first question her reaction was automatic being " what are u filming ? leave me alone go away blah blah blah blah " so on and so forth and believe me there's nothing u can do with a Bia Bia that wont even let a nigga pop off a hey how ya doing . So we left only to have AL-B the Metro drive us right back around to the very same bus stop to have another go at her , so I asked her where she was she headed and how long she had been waiting for her ride to which she exclaimed " Im going to little havana " . So I told her that due to road construction she was going to be waiting for a really long time seeing as how this route had been cancelled around a week ago , So I proposed to the chica that we could give her a ride and pay her 100$ to ask her a few questions about being a latin women living in miami . The plan didn't go easy it took me 200$ and then later another 700$ to get her to spread her legs, pop her top , and crack that ass like a fresh hot beef empanada with olives and eggs in it fried not baked of course . but all in all very worth every penny that we were willing to pay her , but sadly never got the chance to . So thats all Im going to say go Ahead and WATCH THE MOVIE u will love it !!!!! also I cant write anymore cause Im on the toilet and the poop coming out of my butt and feels like it's going to blow out my O-Ring so Im really in a lot of pain right now gotta go ......Enjoy

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[RS][NL] 2006 Bangbus Episodes

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