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This thread is dedicated to post full Russian XXX movies. Most will be from SPb Company and Strawberries (Клубничка) with a few from other producers.

There will be frequent updates as at present my collection has 61 full SPB movies. All SPB movies where participated Milena Lisitsina are in a separated thread dedicated to the redheaded star. List at the end of this first post.

First movie in this thread

Holiday fun (Дачные забавы) sp-362

SP-0362 Chalet fun.avi

Res 512x384

Director Dmitry Knut ( Дмитрий Кнут)

With: Hai Hakim (Хая Хаким)

Year 2000

What can you do during your holidays in a country cottage? Why not to try some exercise? Super scene at the end with 4 girls and 2 guys.

Full Preview

Interchangeable Links

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Available Videos

This is the list of the currently available videos intended for posting in this thread.

Other may be added in the future.

Dachnye Zabavy (Countryside Pleasures).avi
Master I Margarita.avi
Rozovyj Petersburg 2 (Pink Petersburg Lesbians).avi
SP-0194 Sex Russian way.avi
SP-0194 The Village Games clip.avi
SP-0309 Cops.avi
SP-0314 Sexual Petersburg 1.avi
SP-0325 Rural holidays.avi
SP-0345 Sexual Petersburg 2.avi
SP-0351 Fight For This.avi
SP-0359 Russian Girl Photographer.avi
SP-0362 Chalet fun.avi
SP-0365 Seksualny Peterburg 3.avi
SP-0385 Beautiful life.avi
SP-0393 Bledovoe Battle.avi
SP-0394 Cops 2 (Case doctors necrophilia) (2000).avi
SP-0490 Luka Mudishev.avi
SP-0533 Fantasies of Izvrashchentsa.avi
SP-0559 Hussar Bludni.avi
SP-0565 Institutki Na Kinoprobah Vol 1 (2001).avi
SP-0580 Institutki Na Kinoprobah Vol 2 (2001).avi
SP-0626 White Nights Of St Petersburg 2.avi
SP-0638 White Nights Of St Petersburg 3.avi
SP-0661 White Nights Of St Petersburg 4.avi
SP-0675 Peter I - The Great Philanderer).avi
SP-0676 On the command of Tatiana Taneyev - Babushkiny fairy tales.avi
SP-0694 Village Group Sex.avi
SP-0710 Kolobok (Babushkiny Skazki).avi
SP-0711 Moscow Asses (Moskovskie Popki).avi
SP-0722 Party members.avi
SP-0751 Princess Frog - Babushkiny Fairy Tales series.avi (Posted below)
SP-0752 Interracial Sex.avi
SP-0757 Sex boom in 'BADA- BUM'.avi
SP-0760 Yes, There Were Rams In Our Time.avi
SP-0762 Russian School Girl 1.avi
SP-0768 The sailors have the questions.avi
SP-0773 Procuress.avi
SP-0774 Sovrashenie-1 (Seduction-1).avi
SP-0805 Master I Margaret bal In Satan.avi
SP-0851 In The camera Of the tortures.avi
SP-0897 Sovrashenie-2 (Seduction-2).avi
SP-1055 Sovrashenie-3 (Seduction-3).avi
SP-1081 Ecstasy White Nights (2004).avi
SP-1084 Seducing on the peak of the pleasure.avi
SP-1119 Institute Of The Noble Maidens.avi
SP-1162 Best of Hai Hakim (2004).avi
SP-1170 House 2 or as to be occupied by the love (Elena Berkova).avi
SP-1180 Institute Of The Noble Maidens 2.avi
SP-1200 Russian Sex Lessons.avi
SP-1215 Otpetye gang (2004).avi
SP-1217 Barska Hunt.avi
SP-1337 House 3 Their First Spring.avi
SP-1353 House 4 Sexual Heat.avi
SP-1356 Apartments Blowjob (Kvartirniy Otsos).avi
SP-1464 Tatushki plays with toys.avi
SP-1498 My Pig (2006).avi
SP-1575 Shkolniza 5 The majority party.avi
SP-1576 Emergency Assistance to Sexual (2006).avi
SP-1585 Tatushki (gentle age).avi
SP-1586Tatushki (new girlfriend).avi
SP-1646 Night shame (2007).avi

Additionally, the following SPB videos are or will be posted in the thread dedicated to the Russian redhead star Milena Lisitsina.

New Don Juan (2004).avi
SP-0758 Russian School Girl 2.avi (posted)
SP-0855 Viy (Babushkiny Fairy tale of Viy) Milena Lisitsyna.avi
SP-0856 Fountains Of Love (Fontany Lyubvi).avi
SP-0895 Russian School Girl 3.avi
SP-0896 Russian Schoolgirls 4.avi
SP-1056 Elusive avengers again in fight.avi
SP-1057 Cinderella.avi
SP-1148 Chapaev.avi
SP-1163 Best of Lisichka (2004) Milena Lisitsina.avi
SP-1178 City of the Future (2003).avi

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