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Default Re: [RS] Milena Lisitsina The Russian Redhead Schoolgirl - Full Movies

Thank you, have a question, for this excellent thread.
If you, guys, like such movies from Russia, here is one more with Milena.
It was mentioned above. I mean Viy.
Originally, Viy is a horror story of 19th century, written by Gogol. And I post porn version of it, which was shot near St. Petersburg by SP Company Spb in 2002.
The language is Russian, of course, but it doesn't matter. I can provide you with a brief storyline. So, three seminarists are heading back to their homes on vacations. Once they stop in a hut in wilderness on one condition. They will get bed on night in exchange for sex with an old woman-housekeeper, who is in fact a witch. They agree, because it seems a joke. But inside the hut the witch changes her appearance, and becomes a young girl. She calls for aid of her so-called granddaughter, and then fun begins. In the middle of sex scene main character Khoma kills the witch with a log in order to avoid her spell above him. And then all three escape. On the road two friends of Khoma are affected by three river nymphs, and he loses them. He continues on his own, and stumbles upon house in a small village. Unfortunately, this house belongs to the father of the killed witch. And before that she told him in a dream, that Khoma in particular has to serve requiem mass for her for three nights. He reluctantly agrees. During the first night the witch raises from coffin, but Khoma is saved by housewife and her son-in-law. Second time he is saved by two witch's sisters. But on third time he cannot escape. Young witch calls evil spirits, and then orgy begins. But she is not satisfied with revenge, and she calls Viy, who breaks circle of deffence, and Khoma is sexually abused, and then exiled with a shame from those places.

Here are covers:

These are shots from SP site:

Here are thumbnails:

Here are links:

Password: vissvoor
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[RS] Milena Lisitsina The Russian Redhead Schoolgirl - Full Movies

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