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May 6, 2008 (5325) - Ariel X , Dia Zerva

We all know that The Assassin, Ariel X, is now a force to reckoned with at US. Ranked 3rd, she is a power house. In her resent Tag Team Match up, most members opined that she out-wrestled Isis. Her endurance is unrivaled at US.

Dia Zerba is no stranger to wrestling. She is STRONG, and built like former Champion Vendetta. Coming in with a lot of experience from other wrestling sites, this newcomer wants to take over a vacant Championship spot.

Never has a newcomer come in with such power and skill. However it is the Ultimate Surrender experience that will alway win a match. We have rules and strategies. Brute force will never win against an experienced (top ranked) US wrestler.

If you want to see a battle worthy of any previous US match, then this is one for you. The veteran wins, but it was so close up till the third round.

Round 1

Round 2


Round 3

Round 4
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