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Talking Shady PI - Courtney Elder **21/04/09**

Shady PI - Courtney Elder **21/04/09**

Shady PI - Courtney Elder
Added: April 21, 2009
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When This guy came into my office he asked me to spy on his wife and I immediately sensed this guy was troubled and lost. I took the case out of pity for this fucker and the moment I laid eyes on his whore of a wife I knew right away she was a fucking dirty lying slut. Big tits, blonde high maintenance looking. Anyways she comes out of the grocery store with an 18 year old kid, a fucking kid. The cougar was obviously out on the prowl and bagged herself a boy toy. I had previously set up cameras in their room the day before and caught every second of her vicious lies to her husband in action. Makes me fucking want to puke when i think how big of a whore this bitch is.

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Shady PI - Courtney Elder **21/04/09**

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