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" The quiet smile of the slave ... in view of the rewarding of satisfied exhaustion drawn face of the "victim", this, and nothing else, at the end of a successful session is SM., "said Master Costello, main presenter of the Berlin company Off Limits Media eponymous SM film series. Following this maxim, and, with the aim of the cinematic representation of an exotic, sometimes strange but always amicable and mutually satisfactory sexuality, started two years ago Off-Limits Media Master Costello series. This approach to the present day remained faithful, is the name of Master Costello mittlerweile auch international trademark for the first SM movie entertainment advances. Expensive staged acts, and under present dialogues abduct the viewer into a realistic world lived fantasies. A world full of passion, stimulating images, border experience and absolutely authentic reactions. Filmed exclusively with SM-subscribe persons. "The plot is based on the fantasies of the actresses who are receiving through this scenario on their inner in. I can truly experience the situation. The framework for action from the developed SM - act for the audience has nothing attached. It is contrary both to the audience as well as for the performers inevitably, is an integral part of their imagination, their sexual lust. "Said Master Costello on the question of the naturalness of the displayed impressive feelings and reactions. The exceptionally large number of female fans and buyers of the Master Costello series is a welcome indication of the success of the substantive concept. It is yet hard SM, no misogyny, without violence and without. Pure joy and passion!

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Best BDSM movies from the Master Castello!!!

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