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Default Amateur Exhibitionist Nao of Up See Dage flashing

Nao and her hubby have ordered some food. Nao greets the delivery man in just a towel, flashes him her ass a few times, and keeps a pretty tenuous grip on the towel. I like how she smiles at the end.

Same scenario. This time Nao has a white towel rapped around her, and the delivery boy is a bit younger. She squats down to get out her money, but then lets the towel drop as she stands back up. They both giggle as she proceeds to flash him her ass a few more times, but he doesn't comment, and hightails it out of there pretty quickly.

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Nao answers the door in a white towel, squats down to get her money out, and then drops the towel as she stands back up, giggling nervously. She stands there for a moment, picks the towel up, but doesn't bother putting it back on. The delivery boy looks her up and down as he gives her the change. At the end, Nao re-enacts the scene from the delivery boy's viewpoint.

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Amateur Exhibitionist Nao of Up See Dage flashing

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