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Default Bangbus Missing and Lost Episodes

Missing and Lost Episodes of Bangbus. Some of these episodes of bang bus are missing and some are abridged. Why they went missing or abridged, feel free to give a guess.


So we started off me and my buddy ugly we bought a video camera and rented a van with the money our parents gave us for buying our books for school, we had decided to take our friend shane out for his birthday to get him layed and to see a young ripe jucy piece of ass get slammed in our van we so loveingly coined the bang bus. So we found reagan all by her lonsome definetly not wanting to have anything to do with us but we know as well as you guys know two very important things. first that international language of slamming, money ! and the second is that any red blooded american girl will do anything for 50$. So we get her in with the idea that were just going to ask her a few questions about her life school and sex she was cool with it and got in. so as we traveled on I kept her destracted by my witty and charming humor then as she became more comfortable we offered her some more money to start taking her cloths off, then as she realized her true purpose life she got on her knees and started suking shane off probley a skill she learned from her father at a younger age and man did she start polishing this guys knob sucking until her little rednecked cheeks started to cave in and then we dropped her on her ass and shane started stuffing her on the floor of our van then she apparently came to her sences that she was fucking someone she didnt know and wanted to leave but I told her calmly and firmly that we all know no one rides for free......


Well boys and girls ugly and I hooked up with a dude named kevin who had heard of us through our now ever growing popularity as the fuckin bang brothers so this dude paid us 500.00 bucks to take him out to go fuckin slam some young nice piece of ass. So we found karen this sweet colombian cherry who was waiting to catch her bus. From the beginning I had the idea that this girls pussy was most likely lined with gold, colombian gold and man when we pulled up I was so taken by her bueaty that forgot to point the camera at her face so I fucked the movie up a bit but no worries we were going to have plenty of time to see everything close up and personal because later after I got her in the van I inspected her pussy and asshole close up. Now mind you it wasn't easy this girl had got me so angry that we had to stop the van 5 diffirent times to tell her to make up her mind you know do what we wanted or get the fuck out and walk 30 40 miles back to town needless to say she did what we wanted and got on her knees in her rightfull position the one she was born for and sucked and fucked the cock with respect and of course I would never end a movie with out giving you my fans a nice white milky ending on karen the colombians poor innocent face.....


December 5, 2001

Well we hooked up with an old buddy of mine named Cat Collins he's into photography and movies music all that shit so he called ugly and I and we were happy to take him out to do a round with us. As we drove around ugly spotted this really wholesome white girl out of the cornner of his eye and so the game began, But when we pulled up I was about to say something and she yelled at us "get the fuck away from me" and to be honest it kinda scared me..... Yea right anyway I tried again and again to have a conversation with her while Cat in the back is saying "lets get out of here leave her alone lets get out of here" Now all that did was push me farther to commit to getting this girl to go with us. Because aparently she had just had a huge fight with her boyfriend and she was kicked out of the house with just the cloths on her back. And I really dont think that she could have done something so horrible that Noel deserved that shit..You hear me jason you pussy ass dumb fuck .Anyway with a little money the promise of a ride to her aunts house and a lot of tenderness shown to Noel she got in and really had a big fucken chip on her schoulder... Well my attiude is you can be angry to the world but dont smack a bull in the face if he's being nice to you or he'll just straight run you fuckin down and thats exactly what she did again and again with the DIRTY one and I dont take that bullshit not from anyone so we explaned to Noel that this was just the begining of her therapy to get over that scum bag Jason You know who you are jerk ass.. And at first she didn't want that but after veiwing the menu of options she got the point and we got a fat load blow on her tricky face



June 11, 2002

nce again, Ugs and I were on a mission to snag some sexy slut freaks on the mean streets of Miami. We had one of Ugly's friends from way back come along with us to join in on the festivities. We come across this wannabe-trendy whore on South Beach by the name of JJ. She was more than willing to come along and have a good time with us. I started to play some mind games on this bitch and found out how fucked up her life really was...I'd tell you exactly what but I don't care enough to remember. Oh yeah, she complained about not being popular or some shit. Well JJ, thanks to us...the whole world will know exactly how much of a slut you are!!

July 23, 2002

I DIDN'T KNOW WHETHER OR NOT to go on a mission without my comrade Ugs....he got so wasted the night before that the fucker couldn't wake up. Anyway, I brought along Tim Bob whaterthefuck's brother Zuko since he does happen to be my roommate and is always bugging me about coming along...and this guy Dennis that paid me to come along....jesus..I need to start charging sales tax....SOOO we come across this flower selling bitch on...of all places...a street corner...guess she wasn't too far from where she truly belongs. So after we find out her deal...I'd tell you but I just didn't care enough to listen.....we get her destroyed by Dennis. He came thru like a thorough bred. Enjoy.... The Dirty One.



Loni & Phoebe


21 Questions


August 04, 2004

So we were on one of our grotesquely long search and seize missions, with Panch at the helm of the almighty BangBus. When we came across the sweet and innocent looking Venessa. This chick had just left the nest and was at an out of state college. Three words: it’s a wrap! This chick was eager to tell us how she loved to give head and get fucked, in between classes of courses. This chick is probably playing her professor's skin flute to get by, fuckin' broads. That's why I don't feel bad about doing her the way we did. The Dirty One....

Burn that baby fat!
February 9, 2005

I love it when we come across these barely legal broads. It's not everyday we come across these barely legal chicks. Then again, I never have your typical day. Kelly's 19-Year-Old ass was hanging out in Little Haiti, a section of Miami where the working girls and homeless fight for street turf, she was just hanging out on a corner. Exactly what I was thinking, too good to be true right? Well not for her. After offering us to give her a ride, classic, we were off. She wasted no time in giving us her rates, I'll tell you what though, she didn't expect to come across the likes of the Dirty One and Preston's fun stick. Kelly took her clothes off and I knew we had done well. Check it out for yourself. Enjoy!

September 14, 2005

It was Ugly's birthday, can you believe it my faithful minions, Ugs turned 42 years old today. Ha Ha, I kid, now that that's out of the way. A friend of ours, Juan Carlos, got on the BangBus this fateful day. We were off on our mission. Apparently he knew the chick that we were scheming on from somewhere in his past, all I knew is that it was a relief to send out this sucker to get the chick. I was feeling a little under the weather. After sweet talking Natalia into the “Cauldron of Debauchery”, you guys know the rest. Even though she was somewhat familiar with Juan, she was hesitant and shy in front of the camera. Nothing a few promises of cash couldn’t change. She has great natural breasts, not to mention her great round bubble butt. I love Latinas! The blowjob action was intense, as was the great fuck footage. What else would you expect from us? Ugs did me proud when it came time to ditching this broad, go download for the full details. The Dirty One...

October 05, 2005

Can you believe in all my years of tyrannical rule on Miami's mean streets and worldwide web, that there are still people out there that don't know the deal with the BangBus? I know! Where the fuck have they been? Take Noah, a new member of Bang Bros; he didn't have a clue as to how things worked on here. So what better way to show him than to bring him along! Good ol’ Marko came along too, my trusted driver, even though he's starting to show symptoms of the Ugs syndrome. Alfonsina, Latin enough for you, was sitting on the steps of her project building in Little Havana, waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up. Apparently she'd been in the same spot for over 2 hours and was fuming, ha ha. It was at that point I knew what needed to be done. So after playing the concerned guy role and a promise of a ride to South Beach, the journey began. It didn't take long to get into Alfosina's head, about her fucked up man. Noah's All-American charm and looks were just enough to get this gorgeous bubble butt Latina to show off her natural tits and then some. I gave Noah a quick Spanish lesson while he was enjoying the blowjob action, telling him how to warn against teeth. He picked up on it real fast, almost as fast as Alfonsina agreed to jump on the cock and ride her man troubles away! The Dirty One...

February 22, 2006

God knows where we found this week's stationary cock, this guy referred to himself as "Lycan" due to his infatuation with werewolves. The fangs on his gold teeth, only the best Grade C meat here ya'll. So yeah, Marko and Lyc, I can't even say his name, were rolling around the mean streets of Downtown Miami on the usual hunt for unsuspecting ass. When Hazel's big round Dominican ass plops in our path. I fuckin' love these ghetto in Miami. The whores don't give a fuck who you are; they'll say whatever's on their mind. When you factor in their inability to control their own minds, well, it makes a Sanchez very happy. So after the obligatory meet-n-greet with a sprinkle of Dirty charm, we were good to go! Anything for that paper! Once in the wolves’ den, sheesh, Hazel warmed up to the likes of Lycan, it's the teeth. With some more cash flashed, it was a wrap; great natural toasty nips being popped out, and followed by round juicy tits was amazing! Nothing’s better than that, until the bubble butt ass came out, wow! What ensued my friends was steamy sex for the ages! There was great blowjob action and hardcore sex all caught on tape here for you downloading pirates out there! The rest of you should be ashamed for jerking off to the trailer, sheesh, our staple ending was in full effect, enjoy it fuckers. I won't always be around to bring you these videos. The Dirty One.

Gator Nation!!!
January 7, 2009

Hey guys what’s up! I am the biggest Gator fan on the planet, and since the national title game is in South Florida. We went out looking for some ladies. We snagged three fine girls. Only one of the three was down for some bang bus loving, but man it was worth it! This chick Allie sucks and fucks the shit out of Shaggy and then he blows a huge nut all over her face! All I have to say is Gainesville chicks are a lot of fun! Go Gators! –Preston

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Missing and Lost Bangbus Episodes

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