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Default [HF]Come See me Tonight 2[H-Game]

Come See Me Tonight 2
Developer: Sekilala
Publisher: G-collections
Official Site: G-collections
Genres: Adventure / Hentai

Imagine a small peaceful restaurant .... ie the temple. In this small re .. the temple was full of girls and they all like a terribly neudvaletvo ... ie miss.And then, you poor boy is very miserable without Ro ... ie no no, you son of a monk, and should become the head of the temple, but before that there be "training". What do you all have heard somewhere? Well, of course, this is the second part of the night adventure. True, the subject first and the second part is not connected, but all the rest are completely identical.

And so we simply must engage in carnal joy with one of the holy sisters, but we only succeed by the end of the game, so fans of abundant number of bed scenes may soon not have to worry. But achieving all the 4 girls (yes prelestnits entire chtuki 4) have a chance to see a small grupovushku.

Interactive fork were slightly pointeresnee compared to the previous part, but nothing fundamentally new. The interface is also not much changed. Graphics has become even more cute, the main characters are still lighter and kinder

If you thought the first few parts, the welcome is what you are looking for, everyone else can safely pass by nothing lost.

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[HF]Come See me Tonight 2[H-Game]

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