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Default [HF]Erotical Night (version: 1.5.2)[H-Game]

Play ero-RPG, where you can win by forcing the opponent to finish ahead of you.
Different enemies have their individual weaknesses, which you will learn.
Do you have your natural material as equipment, inventory and map.

You have been called to save the peaceful land from the clutches of the evil, demonic army Erotica!
You will act as a powerful warrior and sexual risk himself for the liberation of towns and villages from encroachment Erotic.
As in any RPG, the player will travel the fields, dungeons and other areas, fighting the enemies that are encountered on the road. There are no extra difficulties arising from the battle, because the player can escape from the battlefield in a conventional battle with 100% s chance of success. However, if this is a fight to the Bosom, or if the player hit the trap it will not be allowed to escape.The main feature of the game: Battle Fuck system (a system of military trachea).
The battle with the enemy means that you will engage in sex with them. The player exchanged attacks with their enemies. Enemies react to the attacks of moans and flash animation. If the enemy is defeated, he (she, to be precise) will rise to heaven. There are more than 20 species and their enemies.

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[HF]Erotical Night (version: 1.5.2)[H-Game]

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