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Renzu: The Distance Between the Two / Renzu: Futari no Kyori

During his high school years, Tohru Shioda saved his childhood friend Asuka Misaki in exchange for his golden leg. Unable to play soccer anymore, he now spends his time staring through his camera. Asuka still holds feelings for him, but there's an emotion inside Shioda that keeps him from feeling the same way. Will there be a happy ending?

Quality: DVDRip
Video: 640x480 4:3 23.976 fps DivX3 (900 kBit/s)
Audio 1: english 2.0 Stereo Vorbis (Ogg Vorbis) (116 kBit/s)
Audio 2: japanese 2.0 Stereo Vorbis (Ogg Vorbis) (119 kBit/s)
Subtitles: english soft unstyled subs (SRT)
File size: 233 Mb

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