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Default SP-1220 Idiots (2004)

SP-1220 Idiots (2004)
(DVD Resol.)
SP-1220 Мымры (2004)

Russian and Western DVD covers

Filename: SP-1220 Idiots (2004).mkv

Total run time: 1h39:57

Resolution: 688x576 displays 751x576 (click on thumbs below)

In the West this video was sold under the name of Bitches. In Russia it was sold as Мымры which means Idiots.

This time SPb made a parody to Lars von Trier 1998 movie Idioterne.

Idioterne tells us the story of a group of perfectly normal people that decide to behave as idiots and interfere in all possible ways with the life of "normal" people. And in the process the "Idiots" jump on their female guardians.

If you never watched Idioterne I recommend it to you.

It is more or less what we see in this SPb movie. With a difference.

In SPb version the Idiots do not assault the girls. It is the forest nymphs that assault the Idiots.

The "Idiots" that are in reality quite smart do not miss the chance.

After their first encounter with the nymphs they actively search them.

Enjoy the nice forest and forest lodge scenery and the ever present flesh.

No problem to follow the plot even without subs. Nobody talks. There is only music.

They just have sex and lots of fun.

1.45 Gb / 01:39:57 / 688x560 (Displays 751x560) / MKV / AVC H.264 / AC3 (DVD Original soundtrack)

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