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Exclamation Jenna in Jenna Jameson Uncut & Uncensored 1 [Scene 9] [UNCUT]

Jenna Jameson Uncut & Uncensored 1 [Uncut] [DVD Scene]
Scene Nine: Satyr: 8/9/1996 [Remastered]

Studio: Wicked Pictures
Date of Production: 10/4/1999 (box), 7/15/1995 (credits)
Scene 9. Jenna Jameson, Brad Armstrong from Satyr [Uncut]


Format: VOB, 720x480, 20:59 mins
Size: 940.45 MB, ZIP, 9 parts

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Here's what I said about this very short, 5:55 in length, scene way back when: "The last full sex scene was between Jenna and Brad. They were in full makeup, dressed as Satyr's and looking a bit silly but the action made up for it. Even though you won't buy into the premise of modern day satyr's and the fantasy storyline, you'll notice the heat between the two stars here as well as the chemistry they showed which far surpassed their earlier scene together. Facial fans will see Jenna take a large load, something she was always criticized as not doing by the unwashed masses of gonzo fans, and I have always liked this scene a whole lot." The extra footage brought the time up to 20:59 and had a lot of silly moments well worth goofing on but also more Jenna too.
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