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Default Re: Male Femdom Movies.BDSM Guys Fucked by Gils.

Afterparty Surprise

Aurora and Poison come back from a night out with an unwitting male. Thinking he is about to get lucky with two chicks, he is in for a shock when Aurora forces him down on his knees saying "lick my feet, bitch!" as Poison comes up behind him and canes him. Confused and scared, he tries to flee, but Aurora gets him back down with a hard, swift kick to his pathetic balls. His balls aren't his own anymore and he is beaten for thinking otherwise. His holes aren't his own either as the two Dommes fuck him until they're bored.

Formats : MP4
Run Time : 00:19:36
Total Size : 116mb
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Male Femdom Movies.BDSM Guys Fucked by Gils.

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