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Theres nothing like a relzing car ride through through a beautiful landscape...i always highly recommend one for whenever youre feeling low or bored it can really lift up your spirits..but it is very important to always be prepared..check youre oil, chek your tires and if ata ll possible try to take a car that isnt on its last dying breath... i should probably heed my own advice, im often guilty of not doing so but hey thats me!! not that i wasnt prepared for this little excusion i took with my two buddies elli and brooke...only my preparation may differ lisghlty from most other roadside checklists...while most are keen on never leaving the house without having a spare tire or an extra quart of oil handy i am sure never to go anywhere without some condoms and well oil..but of a different kind hehe...if you havnt figured it out allready yes this shoot is about me and my friends getting stranded after our car dies out...luckily for us i had my cell phone and made a call for a tow truck...even luckier for us thetowtruck man was a studmuffin little gingerboy...lets just say we got our tow free of charge..and lets also just say we had our way with the other words we sucked and fucked his brains out...i love road trips!!!
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[DF] Cute Teen

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