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Default [RS][NL] Backroom Casting Couch

Where to begin?

I know! Enjoy.

Here is the companion site to it is



Allaura the tomboy is into tattoos, horseback riding (she owns two horses), fixing cars and online gaming. She's sharp, witty and I have no fucking clue how I got her to do this shit! I think the promise of making $1000 to $5000 a day closed the deal. In the video she gives probably the best head I've ever had, gets her rock hard ass pounded doggy style (no anal), and gets a load dropped on her stomach.


19 year old Alli was willing to make money by any means necessary. She got blindsided by a surprise gangbang that ended up with her face covered in cum. After she cleaned up, she got all quiet and curled up into a fetal position. I'm sure she won't ever want to do porn again.

Ami Jordan

Ami is an 18 year old high school student with an impressive resume in the fast food industry. I told her that I can make her $1000 a day. Easy prey.

Amia Moretti

Cute, 18 year old Amia had her boyfriend drop her off at the interview. I heard her say, "I love you" to him just before he drove away. 15 minutes later she was sucking my cock.



21 year old Angelina is a real trooper. She didn't even blink when I told her that she had to suck my cock to get the job - swallowed too.



22 year old Ashlee is a local adult model who answered my ad. She knows how the industry works, so as much as I would have loved to have her swallow my load, I settled for watching her masturbate to orgasm instead.



Audrey walked in, figured out what I wanted and ran!



19 year old Bella has a great face and attitude. She's a girl so determined to be a model that she swallows a mouthful of cum. I'm sure she'll get a modeling offer, but not from me.



20 year old Brianna wanted to make $1000 to $5000 per day.



19 year old Brik really thought she was model material. I had her swallow my load, then I fucked her bareback and sent her on her way.



Brittany's parents would flip if they knew her daughter did this. She comes from a prominent, wealthy family, she's well educated, a current college student taking 18 credit hours, has a full time job as a public speaker, carries herself gracefully, and has a beautiful body with sexy tan lines. In the video, she masturbates, gives great head, fucks and swallows on command. Enjoy!



19 year old Brittney is a porn whore wannabe. Her question: "How much am I getting paid for this" My answer: "It's a modeling interview, sweetie".



Young Chastity.. Girl-next-door sucking and fucking. Unreal -- If I saw this girl in any other setting, I would think she had never heard the word "fucking". Let alone anal, swallowing, etc. Good grief. I'm beginning to think they're all like this when you get them behind closed doors.



Danica is the typical bar slut - just tell her what she wants to hear and and she's yours for the night.



Parenting Fail: Danielle just turned 18, just got engaged and is doing anal for her first time with me in order to become an adult model.


Danni Cole

Danni is a cute girl who has no idea that she's beautiful. She sucks cock slowly and passionately, fucks like a pornstar and licks the cum off my fingers. She could easily make it as an adult model, but she'll need to find a real agent. Maybe she'll meet that guy someday.



Diana wanted a sugar daddy, so I "interviewed" her to make sure we were a good match. We weren't.



20 year old Elizabeth was willing to trade her soul for "a little bit of money", so she could pay her bills. Now, she has neither.



Young, 5'0, 93 pound Emily never had a facial before. She was clueless. Right after I blew on her face, she tried to wipe the cum out of her eye and ended up smearing jizz all over her face and hair. "I think I have cum in my hair", she said as she left the backroom. Classy.



18 year old Haley just had a birthday 2 weeks before the shoot. I told her that she was needed to be the 3rd girl in the sequal to 2girls1cup called 3girls1cup. She told me that she was up for it and added, "I'm a freak".



18 year old Holly wanted to go to Hollywood and make porn films. She was as dumb as a bag of hammers and proved it too.



18 year old Jayda broke down in tears and ran from the backroom!
18 year old Jayda came crawling back and asked for another interview. I wasn't available at the time, so my associate, Steve, 'interviewed' her.



19 year old JayLynn. She was told she had to "go the extra mile" to get the modeling gigs. I told her she didn't get the job because she cried too much during anal. I mean really, who's going to hire a girl who has tears streaming down her face while she's getting fucked in the ass?



Jenna's not on the pill and I didn't tell her that I shot a big load of cum inside her during the 'audition'. After the interview she said, "I'm still really wet. What kind of lube did you use?"



22 year old Jenny worked as a "surgical technologist" aka "receptionist", before she decided that she wanted to try nude modeling. She had a good sense of humor too! Her angry text and voice messages to me about how I fucked her over were hilarious!



Jesse walked in my door and I knew I had it. Then, she told me she was 18 and I knew that all I had to do is let her think that I'm legit. I guessed wrong. When I let her know that she had to suck my cock, she was not happy at all - she bailed after bitching me out. However, she came back a few weeks later and things got really fucked up for her.



Jordan is breaking up with her long term boyfriend and needs money ASAP. She's never been with any other guys besides him, so talking her into sex was a real hurdle. When I first told her to suck my cock, she was so nervous that she ran out of frame and actually threw up in the waste basket. I can't make this shit up! Finally, she gave in as she knew that she needed to suck and fuck in order to earn money to move out of his house.


Kacey Jordan

18 year old Kacey came in to me with a background in print and runway modeling. I convinced her that I could get her easy foot fetish jobs that pay $2k a pop if she did me one small favor... She now can add porn actress to her resume.



Kaedyn walked into my 'studio' and told me that she wanted to be a porn star. Two cumshots and one anal later, I told her that she was a "porn star". Why pay a girl money, when you can give her a title instead? The right words used at the right time are powerful tools.



19 year old Katie just moved from out of state and is unemployed. I might as well be fishing with dynamite. I told her that she starts Monday.



21 year old Klementine. This cute, giggly girl honestly thought that she needed to take it in the ass and swallow a mouthful of cum to get a job.



Kyle came to me looking for validation, money and a job. Instead, she took two cumshots to the face and chest.



24 year old Makali was the first model who asked for money after the "interview". She didn't get any money, but I did promise her a job for swallowing with a smile.



22 year old Marie. Fucked in the ass within 15 minutes of meeting her. "Is this part of the interview?" she asked. I gave her the 'Don't call me, I'll call you' line.



Melissa only wanted to do nude photos and solo video work. Nothing with another guy. After I told her that she needed to suck my cock to make money, she said "let's hurry up and get this over with".


Mia Lina

19 year old gymnast Mia just married her high school sweetheart four months ago. Hubbby is in the military stationed in Iraq. So while he's away, she decided that the best thing for her to do to alleviate her boredom and earn some extra spending money is porn! Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction...



20 year old Misty wouldn't swallow a full load or take it in the ass. I thought all fat chicks did that shit so they could compete with the skinny ones.



Morgan is a natural red head who challenged me by saying "I don't feel like I should have to give you oral sex to get a job". She was right. However, I was able to convince her that if she wanted to earn money in the porn industry, she had to do exactly what I told her to do. She bought it. Next thing she knew, she ended up on her knees, getting fucked and her face covered in cum.


Nicole Rey

18 year old cutie Nicole Ray was referred to me by another girl I worked with a while back - Kacey. This bubbly little girl thought I was responsible for getting Kacey modeling work, when in reality, Kacey went on many casting auditions and found work through a few different legit agencies. I lucked out with this hottie. She let me hit it bareback and tasted my semen because "it looks so healthy" (wtf?) Porn life and its characters will never cease to amaze me.



Rebecca needed some fast money and figured that modeling was the fastest way for her to get it. Broke, desperate girls are a dime a dozen in this economy... and I'm reaping the benefits! Enjoy!



Riley was very shy and nervous during the interview, which worked well for me as I was a bit 'impaired'. After she told me how she just quit working two waitressing jobs, I guaranteed her that I could get her jobs that pay $5000 a day. In the video, she gave loud, sloppy head, screamed in this cute Southern accent, "Oh muuhh God! Fuck Muuhh pussy!" and swallowed with a smile.



20 year old Sterling is a hair stylist with 34D tits, tattoos, piercings and a boyfriend. She claimed she liked to be fucked on camera because "it's a turn on" for her. While I fucked her pierced pussy, I slipped a finger into her asshole to get an idea if she was up for anal. She then said that she liked to be fucked in the ass (!) ... that's all I needed to hear - out came the lube and it was go time. After that, I made her suck her ass juices from my cock, until I filled her mouth with one of the biggest loads of sperm I've produced in ages...which she then swallowed.



21 year old Storri. This bitch really pissed me off. First she talked way too much and bitched every step of the way. She questioned everything I asked her to do. Then, she wouldn't do anal because I'm "too big". Fuck that noise. I'm hung like a pimple! To top it all off she wouldn't swallow.



19 year old Talia is a local girl who knows how this business works. She did everything right - she sucked, fucked and swallowed. After her 'interview', any real adult talent agent would have gigs booked for her until the end of the year. Now, she just needs to repeat her performance for a legit agent

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[RS][NL] Backroom Casting Couch

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