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South of the border 3 - Mexican Jailhouse Torture (1997/VHSrip)



Three sexy American co-eds on spring break in Mexico City decide to play weekend drug dealer and find they are playing in a game way out of their league in South of the Border 3. When of one the girls, a hot brunette hardbody is arrested by the Joint American Mexican drug task force, she is brought to the Mexico City Jail and tortured mercilessly for information in the dank dungeon labyrinth beneath the Huge jail complex. Beaten and horribly abused, she eventually narcs out her friend, a buxom blonde, who is promptly set up and arrested too. After her own horrific session of abuse, she turns in her other friend, a willowy brunette, who is also arrested and forced to endure a painful and humiliating interrogation. Brutalized, their screams of agony will not be heard as electrodes are applied to their tender nipples and labia, their soft skin beaten bloody, or their tight cavities searched for contraband. While the Feds and American drug interdiction agents brutally beat, electrocute and assault the pretty coeds, now about ready to narc out their own mothers if it would their save their skins, another American babe, a beautiful, dark skinned brunette attorney from the U.S. Embassy arrives to try to spring the suffering co-ed prisoners. When she threatens to expose the inhuman treatment of her clients, she finds herself being arrested on drug charges, a bag of white powder mysteriously appearing in her brief case while being searched by a high ranking CIA goon. With a tape of her clients brutal torture sessions playing in the background, the sexy attorney now finds herself similarly mistreated, her interrogation punctuated by a cavity search, cigarette burns to her swollen nipples, which are then cloths pinned as is her tender crotch. Will these poor creatures ever escape this South American nightmare? A continuation of the South of the Border series, this installment takes an unflinching look inside the torture chamber, and the horrors contained there in. If you've ever wondered what might happen to a pretty American woman busted on drug charges South of the Border, this movie is for you! Don't miss it!

Format - mpg
Resolution - 368x288
File size - 633 Mb
Duration - 1:05



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South of the border 7

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