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WifeTrainer Beta new version 0.2d

Donna session as Hypnotist when you hypnotize her then have a normal conversation no longer causes two day ends using double energy
Reward from the Club President for solving his problem should now reflect your choice
Dinner with Neighbours can no longer be accidently skipped by working an odd job
No more "ghost" conversation with Sam the first time you go to the coffee shop after she's been lost
Chelsea now talks to you before leaving
Anal training with Alexis when you are training her now correctly counts days between training sessions before assessing whether she's ready to continue training
Using the Will-Tamer and Transformation Potion on Elsa during continuing visits now correctly ends the rest of that visit
You should now always be able to visit Hannah at the school when she stops visiting you due to money troubles
Corrected an issue where there was a small likelihood that if you had Bethany and one other woman working for you, you could lose access to both of them when Bethany gets hired away
Second message from Anne now clarifies that this content doesn't continue until version 0.3
Lawyer's Receptionist photo no longer appears when you try to collar Lauren's Receptionist
Alexis' workouts can now be opened through two additional routes
You talking to Sarah is now less effective, increasing the relative value of having her talk to other people or using hypnosis (note you can still have success with her without hypnosis or introducing her to sex positive role models, it's just more difficult and time consuming)
End Session with a client without doing any activities no longer generates a client session fee for you
Reported Outstanding Issues (please provide details that could help resolve if these happen to you):
Rae reappearing as your girlfriend after she breaks up with you (flighty woman)
Rae disappearing as your bimbo (ditzy woman)
Rae not going to the stage after you make her a stripper (hey, there's a pattern here!)
Letter from Principal not appearing after visit to school (flighty mail carriers)

Date: 8 December, 2016
new version 0.2d
Language: English
Censored: No
Genre : mind contol, corruption, all sex, bdsm-bondage
Platform: PC/Windows
Size : 358 Mb

Note: To work correctly, you need RAGS version

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