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Double Crossing Partner

It's bad enough that Julie Simone’s partner kept her half of the cash, but when he lies to her about the hiding spot, there will surely be Hell to pay. Clad in a sexy tight latex catsuit, Julie starts the interrogation with some cigarette torture using lit Virginia Slim 120’s. She then kicks the bound traitor all over his body, from his chest to his shriveled dick and balls. She crushes his balls with her latex knee high boots, she chokes her victim, and she controls his breathing with her hands and breasts. Still refusing to tell her where the money is, the fool gets his inner thighs and ball sac electrically singed with her powerful TENS unit.

Formats : flv
Run Time : 24:44 Mins
Total HD Size : 175mb
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Male Femdom Movies.BDSM Guys Fucked by Gils.

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