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Default Re: Male Femdom Movies.BDSM Guys Fucked by Gils.

Pumpkin Fucker

Goddess Jayden will not tolerate a sloppy looking escort to her party. When an idiot slave shows up before his Mistress in a half-assed Halloween costume, he gets his clothes ripped from his body and his nipples pulled by his Mistress until he whimpers. Jayden then slaps and whacks the slave's hard cock and balls as he whimpers and shrieks with pathetic apologies. In order to humiliate him more, Mistress Jayden forces this loser to fuck a pumpkin. Being so horny and turned on by her beauty and dominance, he cums within minutes of sticking his prick into the pumpkin. Wanting to degrade her stupid slave even more, Bossy Jayden then orders him to lick and eat all his worthless cum off the pumpkin.

Formats : flv
Run Time : 15:20 Mins
Total HD Size : 138mb
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Male Femdom Movies.BDSM Guys Fucked by Gils.

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