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Default Forced/Raped/Blackmail Collection

Now not all my vids will be graphic. Some are just suggestive and will leave room for your own fantasy. Also not always physical rape but a lot will have a forced or blackmail theme (which I call mental rape) in which the women have no choice but to give in.

Taxi girls in Trouble

From an old pornmovie. A taxi company is almost out of business because the competition are girls who give more than a car ride. So the cabdrivers decide to kidnap and rape these bitches!


From Acts of Obsession with Shannen Doherty.
Not sure how it went around exactly but in this scene her psychiatrist is taking advantage of poor Shannen No graphic stuff. But the idea is compelling


Tease Me

When a bunch of girls have a shower party for their friend they invite 2 strippers. The postman -hated by all the girls- sees this and blackmails one of the friends into having sex with him. Unwillingly she opens all her openings for him...


Time Served

Catherine Oxenberg protects her son who killed her abusive husband. In jail she gets to make new 'friends'. Again not very graphic but the thought that a pretty girl like her gets raped by both girls and a warden is a major turn on for me



Savage Fury

Bunch of guys break into a room of girls at night. They give them a rough wake-up call and rape the fuck out of them. With the beautiful big titted Christy Canyon


Bad Girls

I believe that's the title. 2 clips.

First clip sees a couple making out in a car. He goes a bit further than she wanted and when he's done he let's his friends have a go at her in the car. Very dark scene

Second Clip. After she shot her boyfriend for the rape she gets locked up. In jail the warden decides she is hot enough for a fuck and she gets raped again


Shannon Tweed

I think from the movie Indecent Behaviour.
To get his promotion a husband let his boss have his way with the wife.


Class of 1984

Bunch of students want revenge on their teacher so they break into his house and violently rape his sexy wife


Red Heat

Linda Blair is getting raped in prison by a guard and Sylvia Kristel. I love the scene where Kristel is licking Blair's neck/chin


Requiem for a Dream

Drug addicted Jennifer Connelly has to perform in a sex show. I love the depraved look on her face


Alles naar de Klote

Dutch Movie. After her family have many debts the girl sees only one solution. She has to borrow money from a drug dealer. In exchange she has to give him her body and sell drugs for him. Eventually he rapes her


Wild Side

Anne Heche well known rape scene


Another one that, I believe, is from Bad Girls

Girl is caught by the prison doctor. He kinda hypnotises her a little and rapes her


From one of the Ilsa SS movies

Hostaged girl is thrown to a group of german soldiers for a long rape. Scene contains some graphic/bloody scenes


Wheels of Fire

No clue anymore from what movie this was. Anyway the girl is taken to the gangleader, in this mad max stylish movie. He gives her a fair chance to be nice to him. When she refuses he rapes her anyway and gives her to the rest of the gang to have fun with. Dark but good to follow


Naked Vengeance

Girl is raped in her own house by 4 guys. They take their time and give her a good shag. Not from my own tapes but from my folder of old internet downloads.

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Forced/Raped/Blackmail Collection

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