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Default Re: STR1CT RESTRA1N - The place where slaves suffers [SiteRip]

24. STR1CT RESTRA1N - Leah Wild, 3+2 scenes, 40+30 min

Leah Wilde has fire in those veins...she is young and beautiful...her body is perfect and her face adorable...she carries a lot of power just under the surface of that innocent blondeness...We give Leah a day that I'm sure she won't forget...and possibly some of that innocence left her after her five hours with Ogre...We test her pussy with a barbell...she puts it in her cunt and holds it there...many models drop it after seconds...Leah holds it in at will...she masturbates for us and then we restrain her...a steel yoke holds her wrists and her neck...her ankles are chained around the large box that she sits on...Ogre enters to enjoy her young body...he whips her tits and pussy...then vibrates her clit until she begs for the next scene, Leah is laid on her back...a stock restrains her wirsts and neck...her thighs are chained back and her ankles are chained down...this keeps Leah's legs spread and pussy helpless...Ogre uses suction to prime her clit...then the lip loop to stretch her labia...then two vibrating inside and one on the clit...Leah cums and Ogre whips her pussy...he makes her beg to the camera for the next scene Ogre pushes Leah over her edge...stocked and chained to the bed, Leah is face down...a large steel ball holds her ass in the air...Ogre whips her...he toys with her as he uses TENS pads on her ass...he uses a mini cane to sting her feet and her ass...she yells from the electic shock still raging on her ass...he leaves her whimpering...

Leah dangles precariously by her her feet from the ceiling, her hands and wrists chained to the floor... Ogre ties her off by the waist so she cannot wiggle away. He spanks her ass and mouths her nipples. Then he inserts a steel vibrator deep inside her and takes a magic wand to her pussy and brings her off from above... Leah receives a weighted pussy hook in her dripping orofice, and begs for Ogre's mercy... Leah is then chained to the Dungeon floor... Ogre enters, whip in hand, and unleashes it upon Leah's naked body. Her head is stuffed in a nylon stocking, her mouth taped shut. The sound of the torch is heard and Leah squirms... Ogre warms her body by flame before slathering her body in hot wax... The louder she screams, the faster the wax falls until she is covered... Leah is blindfolded as the wax is removed... and left enslaved to imagine her fate.

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STR1CT RESTRA1N - The place where slaves suffers [SiteRip]

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