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Default Re: STR1CT RESTRA1N - The place where slaves suffers [SiteRip]

31. STR1CT RESTRA1N - Natali Demore, 5 scenes, 57 min

Beautiful Natali is cuffed and gagged, her body exposed. She struggles in her restraints as The Pope enters the cell... Her backside is slapped and spanked before The Pope wields his flogger and rakes it across her flesh. Natali begs to cum as the wand is pressed against her clit and she releases a series of orgasms... In the wooden stocks, Natali lays flat on her back, a dildo is stuffed in her face. The violet wand makes its presence felt as The Pope works it across Natali's swollen pussy. Electric clamps are fit on her nipples and TENS pads between her legs. Natali lifts her pelvis in the air as the elctricity surges through her loins. The G5 pummels her clit as Natali is forced to cum again... Lifted by her pussy mid-air, Natali is fitted with a head harness. Flogging ensues and pins are clamped to her tits. Her legs are weighted and suction cups are attached to her perfect tits, the G5 pounds her pussy once again to orgasmic oblivion... Restrained and bent over the bars, Natali's exposed ass is the perfect target for The Pope's flogger. Her nipples are wrenched and tenderized before they get more suction and her ass is whipped red. The Pope's tool of choice is once again the G5 as Natali cums on command... Natali is tied to the wheel now, a vibrator is rigged to her pussy. The propane torch is fired up and wax rains down on her torso. Natali screams in pleasured anguish at the hands of her Master. Torn between pleasure and pain Natali orgasms continuously. The wax is removed by the flogger and the Natali is left alone to cum in The Dungeon...

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STR1CT RESTRA1N - The place where slaves suffers [SiteRip]

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