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Default Re: STR1CT RESTRA1N - The place where slaves suffers [SiteRip]

34. STR1CT RESTRA1N - Sabrina Sparx, 5 scenes, 65 min

Strapped to the chair, Sabrina's ordeal continues... With her hands high overhead in leather cuffs, she is easy fodder for her Master. He quickly ties off her nipples and pussy lips before applying the vast array of clothes pins to her tender breasts and thighs... The magic wand is rigged to her pussy and Sabrina cums explosively as her Master walks away... Sabrina is now bent over the steel rack as the flogger strikes flesh. Her bottom is bare and sensitive to the force. A pole mounted dildo tunnels it's way into her pussy while a vibrator works her clit. In her compromised position, Sabrina thanks her Master as she grinds on to her second forced orgasm... Collared and restrained to the wheel naked and raw, Sabrina is fitted with a steel pussy hook. The wheel is spun and head over heels goes Sabrina as she hangs on for dear life at the mercy of her Master's hand...

Lovely innocent Sabrina Sparx... young and lithe and a fiery redhead. Restrained in her position of vulnerability, she is at the whim of Master Liam. Rudely, Liam fondles and paws at her pale skinned body, before he begins his flurry of flogging. Pale skin turns scarlett red as the tips of the flogger reach home. Sabrina's Master decides that one flogger is not enough as he doubles up... and the flurry resumes... Soaked in her own sweat Sabrina is now shackled to the arched steel bench... Master Liam now takes his leather strap to her naked torso and feet. Amidst her squeals of pain she obediently thanks her Master... The electric clamps appear from nowhere and are deftly clipped to Sabrina's shaved cunt lips and hard, erect nipples. TENS pads are applied to her tummy... the juices flow with the electrical current... release is on it's way in the form of the magic wand... Liam grinds the vibe against Sabrina's pussy and clit... Sabrina whimpers in agony and ecstasy and begs to cum...

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STR1CT RESTRA1N - The place where slaves suffers [SiteRip]

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