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Default Re: Male Femdom Movies.BDSM Guys Fucked by Gils.

Feet in food

Olivia has had her slave tied in the garage for 2 days straight. She comes in with a plate of food, and he immediately starts thanking her for bringing him food. She just laughs at him's not for him! She sits in front of him and taunts him with the food, waving the food in front of his face and then taking a bite of it herself. Eventually she decides to let him have some....but she forces him to eat pieces of food from in between her toes. She smashes the food with her foot and picks pieces of it up in her toes, rubbing food on his face as he tries desperately to eat it, and she makes fun of how sad he looks.

Formats : wmv
Run Time : 08:48 Mins
Total Size : 136mb
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Male Femdom Movies.BDSM Guys Fucked by Gils.

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