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Default Deeply grateful

Jferber, or Jerry, as much as the odds are against your reading this note of mine years after your post, I am deeply indebted for this spectacular contribution that you have made. I discovered these links from one of several sites that pilfered your work, and accidentaly came across this page, which was obviously the original source. To my delight the Megaupload links thus far are still working -- which is pretty unusual. You also deserve thanks for having chosen such a friendly file-hosting site.

This is what file-sharing should be, making available files that are practically inaccessible elsewhere, and from an ethical standpoint, without cutting into the profits of the original copyright owners. (It is quite a mystery as to why the Bangbus site has killed off or altered so many of their videos.)

(On second thought, I came back to re-edit this post, in case some of you are curious about the aforementioned mystery. I opened up a thread at a different forum wondering about some of these issues -- I had tried here at intporn first, but there wasn't much of a response.)

I am sure I am not the only one who is deeply appreciative to you. Thank you so very much.
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