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Criminal investigation on paragraph 242 of Criminal Code was started in July 2002 on the searching results, which was started on the statement of some common people to the internet site, which belongs to Olga Dobrunina and Marina Sokolova, in this site authors of the statement saw some pornography elements. During the investigation was made three examinations with enlisting famous sexologists. "That was the experts conclusion, on which was made the decision to stop the investigation bacause there was no criminal actions" - quotes the member of the public prosecutor's department, who also said that the opinion of the experts wasn't unanimously. However, in october 2004 was made the decision to continue the investigation and criminal investigation was started according to the paragraph 242 criminal code of the Russian Federation. "Obscenity and and illegal using of sexographia". During the unplanned inspection by the OMON members was found out that sitizens Olga Dobrunina and Marina Sokolova were distributing pornography by the internet site....

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