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Default Re: STR1CT RESTRA1N - The place where slaves suffers [SiteRip]

39. STR1CT RESTRA1NT - Tricia Oaks, 5 scenes, 64 min

Tricia has a hellacious body, and we gaze upon it as she is gagged and restrained in the cold darkness. The Pope, lays his hands upon her perfect breasts before he gets to business with the flogger. Tricia's tits are tattered by the whip then, her Master turns his attentions to her supple backside. After her body receives a thorough working over, Tricia's pert nipples are clamped and her cunt is vibed. Gasping from behind the ball gag, Tricia exalts in orgasm... Locked and stocked, Tricia now is positioned face down. She struggles in her restraints as The Pope arrives. The Pope, seizes the opportunity of fingering her pussy that is spread wide before him. Then, after dishing out another flogging, The Pope applies suction to his slave's nipples. As Tricia lies in her position of vulnerability, TENS pads are affixed to her ass and inner thighs. As the power is applied, her muscles spasm and twitch and her Master inserts a finger in her tight asshole. A huge glass dildo is pushed inside her cunt and the magic wand is again applied. Tricia cums again on command... As she is seated on the chrome chair, Tricia is mercilessly caned by The Pope. Her squeals and moans of pleasured anguish increase in depth as the cane flies faster. Then, ruthlessly, her Master works her sensitive skin over with the spiked wheel. Numbed by the sensations, Tricia now has the G5 smashed against her cunt. As the machine pummels her clit, our slave is brought to another mindbending orgasm. Next, Tricia is restrained on the floor. The leathers straps are fastened tightly and are unwielding in their grip. As she lay on her stomach, Tricia endures another whipping. Then, she is forced to kneel before The Pope works her pussy over again with the G5... Now, strapped to the cross, our slave endures a dual flogging. From the back to the front, The Pope covers every bare inch of his subject's flesh. As she swings mid-air, Tricia has her pussy vibed and gives into multiple orgasms up on the cross..

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STR1CT RESTRA1N - The place where slaves suffers [SiteRip]

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