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Default Ass Delivery - Sasha Hollander

Ass Delivery -› Asian Anal Adventure

Eposode Description:
So this week, I was hanging out at my boy's car shop, and I was eager to watch him strip down a car and capture it all on tape, which is really not so smart on his part, but who gives a fuck, you know I try to get the nastiest grimiest footage I can get my hands on. As were waiting for Rey to get back and start the dirty work, this Asian girl comes in talking bout she's waiting for Rey too. Her name, Sasha. She's sexy as fuck with a great pair of titties and a fucking nice round ass. You know as were waiting, we do our usual harassing, trying to get to know the girl. And what we found out wasn't much of a surprise at all, she's a stripper and an escort on the weekends. Wow, talk about being a whore, and you know we love whores, so we were having fun. She's also a broke whore because she couldn't pay Rey with actual money, she was paying him with her sexy ass body. That's where I come in to save the day, I offer her some money and since we have no idea where Rey is, Jmac offers to fix her car, in exchange of course for some Asian Anal Action!!! That's right, there's so much ANAL going on in this shoot, I couldn't believe it myself, and I'm the king of ANAL... Little did she know, that Jmac doesn't even know how to fix cars....So you could just imagine the look on her cum filled face.

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Ass Delivery - Sasha Hollander

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