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Urotsukidoji - OVA - 1-3 XviD SUB ENG UNCENSORED

The time of the Overfiend has arrived. Once every 3,000 years, the Overfiend revives and the three realms of the world (the realms of humans, man-beasts and the demons) are to be united. It is 300 years after Amano Jyaku, a half-breed from the demon realm, has been sent into the human world, to help with the emergence of the Overfiend. Just who is the Overfiend becomes the question. On a college campus, Nagumo discovers a classmate being ravished by a demon and saves her with the help of Amano. Although they think the Overfiend is the Okazi, the college's Big-Man-On-Campus, Amano's sister can tell that the Overfiend is really the nerdy Nagumo, who finally emerges from his human state.

Urotsukidoji - OVA - 1.avi 325.232 MB
Urotsukidoji - OVA - 2.avi 594.799 MB
Urotsukidoji - OVA - 3.avi 484.867 MB
UrotsukidojiOVAs.part1.rar     247.96 MB
UrotsukidojiOVAs.part2.rar     247.96 MB
UrotsukidojiOVAs.part3.rar     247.96 MB
UrotsukidojiOVAs.part4.rar     247.96 MB
UrotsukidojiOVAs.part5.rar     247.96 MB
UrotsukidojiOVAs.part6.rar     165.12 MB
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