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Default EARN a lot of money with UPLOADING...not joke!


New filehosting, something like Hotfile...but much better

* High FREE downloading speed (= better traffic)
* You can upload files up to 1GB
* Pay-out via Paypal.
* They pay you 10% of the revenue of referred users from you
* Pay-out within 3 work days after a request.
* Backup of your files and FTP + remote upload.
* They pay out 2,00 USD for each referred premium account.
* Detailed statistics for your downloads and revenue.
* No limitations, everybody can download your files without charge.

10 USD for 1000 US Downloads
10 USD for 1000 EU Downloads
5 USD for 1000 RU Downloads
5 USD for 1000 Eastern Downloads

* You can convert your revenue with discounted conditions in premium voucher or extend your own account.
* They support copies and different download links. You can edit the files in your user account (rename, move, copy)
* They make backups of your files, you won't lose any of your files.

For premium members

* 32Mbit/s downloadspeed
* unlimited parallel downloads
* download accelerators and resuming is supported
* verified payment methods

Cost of premium membership is ONLY 5,99USD!!!

Just try it and you will see!!!
I making a lot of money with this service.

For registration pls use link bellow, if you will use this link i can provide you a list of many boards with high traffic!

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EARN a lot of money with UPLOADING...not joke!

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