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Default White Trash Whore 40

Since White Trash Whore is now 40, shouldn’t they go for a MILF Trash Whore episode? Probably not a great idea when you think about it. Do we really want to see what a life of Meth, marriage to crazy white trash and gang bangs with black thugs do to a woman? Oh wait, we see that in porn every day. Never mind. Instead we get a couple of young white trash whores. Tianna (Have we run out of names? Time to recycle?) is the lead. She’s a busty blonde chick who fucks in the opener and the grand finale. Kaci Star is her sidekick and she’s looking great. Her scene is really good and will keep everyone interested along the way. Tianna seems to handle the big bang better than the first scene which is nice. The guys talk too much, but don’t they always. Overall this is another solid WTW movie and it proves that the whores don’t have to get older. There is always a fresh new crop just waiting to trade pussy and ass for whatever drugs the trailer park sluts are doing these days.
Tianna & Dirty Harry and Frankie Young
Trying to get her life back together, Tianna is dating Frankie and working for his dad. Harry used to be one of her customers and insists on fucking his son’s girl if she wants to keep her job and stay out of jail. He puts down the bottle long enough to whip out his cock for some of the good stuff he got back when she was working. With a little coaxing she agrees and starts blowing that dick right at the kitchen table. Tianna is bent over the stove getting fucked when her boyfriend comes home. He’s pissed, but knows that this is what he gets for dating a whore. They double team her, fucking the dirty blonde at both ends. Showing off her hot body and taking it up the ass Tiana demonstrates the skills that made her such a popular whore. There is some great RCA fucking as she works them over like she’s getting paid. The DP goes on for so long that Tianna ends up looking really bored and the scene runs out of steam long before it comes to a close. After some nice piledriver they shoot all over her face.
Kaci Starr, Dave Hardman & Seth Dickens
Dave brings a hooker to work and Seth won’t leave. No problem, for an extra hundred she does them both. Kaci’s looking really good here in her white trash hooker outfit and she goes after the dick with all the gusto of a cheap whore. They quickly fill her mouth and her pussy at the same time. It’s always tough when the secondary chick in a WTW movie is hotter than the lead girl, but at least we get to enjoy Kaci in this scene. She shows really good energy as she fucks on top and looks tighter than the last time we saw her. She lowers her ass down around the dick and makes it disappear. Eventually the double up in her and let her get her job done in half the time. They finish off with two shots right in her mouth. Kaci is hot, fucks pretty well here, gives up her tight asshole and eats jizz. What more could you want for a hundred bucks?
Tianna & the Brothers
Sometimes it only takes one “sale” to make a whore’s day. Tianna heads off with one dude so that she can fuck his four friends. The guys quickly close in around her and start feeding her dick. As she does her best to keep up, a few of the guys kill the heat with chatter that sounds like someone is pushing a button on one those voice recorders or pulling the string on an old doll. Same shit over and over and over and over and over and fuck, shut up! That said, the action is pretty good. She gets into anal quickly opening things up for some DP of this dirty little hooker. Tianna seems to enjoy black cocks and keeps up her energy better in this scene than in the first one. Right in the middle of some anal action Brian Pumper tells the other guys not to spit in her ass because he wants to smell the gape. That’s some fucked up shit right there. The other guys have less interest in sniffing her ass and more in fucking it. They tear that tight hole up and make her earn her cash. Things are going along great until Brian gets so obsessed with an anal creampie that the scene grinds to a stop while he fills her and encourages her to push it out. They try to get it back on track with a series of facials, but it never quite returns to where it was.

White Trash Whore 40
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White Trash Whore 40

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