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Default Lesbian Seductions 10

176mins of seduction :d
Their only sin is unconventional love.
The revealing twisted road from desire to pursuit and surrender.
Reviews :
I absolutely LOVE older/younger scenes with Autum. She brings the perfect amount of sensitivity combined with lust to all of her performances. If you haven’t seen either of her earlier scenes with Brianna from this series, I highly recommend them. While I enjoyed her scene in this volume, I was slightly put off by the younger girl’s demeanor. She just never warmed up or cracked a smile. I can understand that in the context of the scene she could have been nervous, anxious, even afraid. But the payoff should be to see that melt away to relaxed enjoyment.
In contrast, I really enjoyed the Sydni/Courtney scene. I normally am not a fan of lingerie, but it wasn’t worn as a tacky prop in this scenario. The only word that comes to mind is “tasteful.” I also really liked how the scene starts (without spoiling it), as well as the fact that the girls genuinely seem to be making love to one another. As always, I could have done without the strap-on making an appearance.
1) Buildup/Seduction: A good variety of setups are shown here, and they take their appropriate time moving on to the action.
2) Kissing: All winners.
3) Attractiveness of Women: I know I’ll catch hell in the forums for this, but Deauxma isn’t one of my GFF faves. Couple that with the older woman in the last scene, and my score reflects the fact that GFF has done me better in the past.

Lesbian Seductions 10
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Lesbian Seductions 10

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