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Sluts with nuts

Genre: Transsexual
Duration: 1 :40:00
Regie: Alex Ladd
Studio: Elegant Angel
Starring: Marcinha, Camilla Queen, Natasha Dumond, Fernanda Zocal, and Alessandra Toledo, Cindy, Crisbel, Marcela, Branda, and Karem, along with Alex Jr. and Juliano.

SCENE ONE : Alessandra (TS), Branda, and Juliano. Both girls start the scene by kissing Juliano’s chest. Alessandra is soon giving Juliano a bj and he helps Branda out of her skirt. Branda gives bj to Juliano and then to both. Juliano fucks the girl’s pussy, as she sucks on Alessandra’s cock. Juliano fucks Alessandra now, and then Juliano fucks the girl in the ass. Both girls give Juliano one last bj, back and forth, and he cums on both of them, no popshot from Alessandra.
--Decent scene, Alessandra I’ve seen a few times before, and looks pretty good here. She looks good facially, not too hot, but good. She is dark haired and has dark skin, she also has a small-medium cock and small tits to go along with her petite frame. She performs decently here, but no climax, instead she just lies there, not the ending that I wanted to see, but she does fuck and get fucked. Branda is a good-looking girl, who performs well, and Juliano performs solidly.
SCENE TWO : Fernanda (TS), Karem, and Alex Jr. The two girls begin the scene with the oral on the guy, and they go through the usual positions and orders, after some kissing. Fernanda gets fucked first and gapes very little. The guy fucks Karem’s pussy as she does a lot of oral on Fernanda, then the girl gets anal from the guy. The guy cums on Karem’s tits, but there is no cumshot from Fernanda.
--Fernanda is a tall and thin blonde she-male, she has a beautiful/feminine face, and small tits. She has an average sized cock, which looks completely shaved (good). Fernanda doesn’t fuck but she does get fucked good, but no cumshot. Karem is a good-looking girl, who has a shaved pussy, with some stubble. This is a good scene, nothing spectacular though, but still good performances from Fernanda and Karem, and the guy.
SCENE THREE : Marcinha (TS), Cindy, and Juliano. The three of them start off sitting at a bar and soon Juliano is getting a hand job/bj. Both girls give him oral, and they go through different variations of oral before Juliano fucks Marcinha. Juliano fucks the girl’s pussy as she gives bj to Marcinha. Marcinha gets fucked again and gets more oral from Cindy, followed by Juliano cumming on both but no cumshot from Marcinha.
--Below average scene, the girl wasn’t particularly good-looking and neither was the she-male. They were both around the below average area in looks, to be exact. Plus to make things worse, there was no cumshot from Marcinha. The action was pretty well filmed, but that doesn’t matter much when the performers are not even that good-looking. Juliano somehow turns in a solid performance.
SCENE FOUR : Natasha Dumond (TS), Crisbel, and Alex Jr. Alex is looking at a Buttman magazine as Crisbel and Natasha feel each other up and kiss each other on a couch. Natasha signals him to join but he looks on for a moment before joining them. Soon both girls are topless and after a bit of oral (in various configurations), both girls are naked and the oral continues, with rimming. After some more oral, Alex fucks Crisbel’s pussy, as she continues sucking on Natasha’s cock. Natasha gets fucked next and goes down on Crisbel for a while. The guy fucks Crisbel again, anally. The guy cums on both girls at the end, but I didn’t see Natasha cum.
--Natasha Dumond is one gorgeous, dark-haired she-male, with a very feminine face and body. She has large tits and a smallish cock. Natasha doesn’t fuck, but she gets fucked good. Crisbel looks incredible as she has in my past viewings of her. All three turn in solid performances with the one thing that was missing from this scene is the fact that Natasha doesn’t cum. Other than that, this would’ve been a great scene, but as is, it is only a good scene.
SCENE FIVE : Camilla Queen (TS), Marcela, and Alex Jr. Alex Jr. and Marcella walk into a bedroom and lie on a bed, they kiss, and he frees her tits from the dress. He takes his shirt off and soon she is giving him a bj and he titty fucks her a bit before Camilla walks in. both girls give the guy bjs and Camilla kisses Marcella’s tits. Camilla pulls her shorts down and gets oral Marcella. Camilla gets fucked by the guy and gets more oral from Marcella. Marcella gets fucked in her pussy as she gives the guy a bj, then she gets anal from the guy, and is dp’d. The guy cums on the girl’s stomach and tits, but no cumshot from Camilla.
--Camilla has been turning up in quite a few she-male titles that I’ve seen. She looks feminine and has a very large rack and is “full-bodied”. She has an average sized cock, which unfortunately doesn’t cum, but she does fuck. Marcella is a very good-looking girl and together with Camilla, the two of them turn in solid performances, and so does the guy. This scene is pretty well filmed, with good action throughout, but once again the she-male doesn’t cum, which is the only real downside.

Quality: DVDRip
Format: WMV
Video: Windows Media Video 8 480x352 23.98fps 625Kbps [Raw Video 1]
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps [Raw Audio 0]

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