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Default See Me In Public - Laurie Vargas **12/07/09**

See Me In Public - Laurie Vargas **12/07/09**

Laurie Vargas - Exotic Latina pussy banged!
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Let me start by saying that this episode is a keeper and you'll soon find out why. Laurie is a girl right out of a National Geofucking documentary. Can you believe this girls? she has these piercing-black eyes, quite exotic and oh so sensual. I am no expert or have any knowledge of the characteristic features of indigenous groups, but this girl is for sure not out of Nebraska. She has a very hot body with long, lean legs. Face is cute but weird in a sexy way and all I wonder is how she'll look sucking my fat cock. I pictured her lifting her long, lean legs up in the air to stretch her pussy open and let the white guy take over. Anyways, I'm getting off track here. Laurie was a little bit confused when I was explaining that I am working on a documentary on 21st century sex but when I mentioned it was for a good cause and added 200 bucks to the equation she went all the way with it. At one point things got out of hand but I kept tellin her; trust me baby, every inch of this conqueror cock is going in there, you might enjoy it...or not but this is to educate the next generation. She probably thought her next generation, but I was referring to my kind of generation; the one that don't fool around and don't miss a minute. This video should become a national educational requirement for chicks to learn how to do take it with dignity.

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See Me In Public - Laurie Vargas **12/07/09**

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